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MLB2K14byBsuFan V4

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Changed portrait ID's on any duplicate portraits.(This will enable portrait makers to make portraits for any and all players)


Updated all batting line-ups and pitching rotations as of 8/6/14

Updated numerous small details such as player numbers and positions.

Updated all cyberface Id's to match any cyberfaces released on MVPmods.com as of 8/6/14


Added in 40+ additional create-a-player(CAP) slots

Added in 75+ additional create-a-team (CAT) slots

Updated all MLB transactions as of 7/16/14

Updated all Minor League transactions as of 7/16/14

Created 100+ new real players to fill up minor league rosters (Most teams from MLB to AA now have 24 or more players on each roster)

Fixed many small errors throughout the entire roster (miss spellings, duplicate players, incorrect portraits, etc.)

Updated more player ratings to closely match real life abilities

I spent numerous hours once again trying to eradicate the staff resigning issue with no success. :bad:

So as of now you will still have to manually resign all "staff" positions after 7 seasons in franchise mode to continue on. Attempting to sim past this part after the 7th season will cause the game to crash to desktop. Resigning all staff in game takes about 15 mins but will allow you to continue on to your next season and further. Another option is using the reditors roster editor and extend the staff contracts there. This takes less than 5 mins, but does require the guru licence to accomplish.


Updated all transactions as of 6/27/14

Updated line-ups, pitching rotations as of 6/27/14

Updated all cyberface ID #'s to match cyberfaces released on MVPmods.com as of 6/27/14

Updated team colors for Astro's and Indians to match those of real life.

Added in and updated a few prospects to match their current ratings.

Changed all staff contracts to 7 years. This will allow a franchise to be played for 7 seasons crash free until you will need to manually sign all staff contracts or extend them using reditor to get by the crash and continue to the next season.

Added in 3 more blank create-a-player slots for those of you that want to add yourselves in the game :spiteful:

Includes all prior updates from V1 listed below.

This roster is a massive project with hundreds and hundreds of hours poured into it. Here is a quick over view of what this roster includes. This list is only some of what was updated. Too much to even list...I'm gonna make this quick so I can get to playing! If you know my work..you know what to expect. :hi:

*Updated player ratings on over 1200 players!

*Accurate 25 man rosters, line-ups, and pitching rotations as of 6/23/14

*Updated any and all transactions as of 6/23/14

*Added in correct 2014 schedule

*Updated all player salaries and contract lengths as of 6/24/14

*Updated any changes to minor league team names and logo id's (Ex: Akron Rubberducks)

*Updated all front office staffs including coaches, scouts, and trainers...also corrected contract lengths.

*Accurate minor league rosters. (This includes all AAA players, tons of AA players, and ALL major prospects as well)

*Added in the ability to change skintone color via in-game player editor. (Also updated any skintone mismatch issues)

*Changed over 1000 cyber face ID #'s to match the current mods released on MVPmods.

*Updated hundreds of pitching repertoires to match those of the real life pitchers.

*Updated all jersey #'s

*Updated lots of gear to match what many star players are currently wearing. (Batting gloves, mits, glasses, etc.)

*Lots and lots of hours spent tweaking little things to create a much more realistic gameplay/sim experience. (Arm strengths, base running aggression levels, etc.)

These rosters are currently compatible with the latest portrait update but a few players still have missing or incorrect portraits. Overall though most 25 man rosters currently have correct portraits.

I would highly suggest downloading all player faces and face packs released to date before using this roster. It will get rid of pretty much all of the generic cyber-faces!

IMPORTANT: Currently there is one known crash when playing a franchise using these rosters but there is a work around. At the end of the season when you get to the "Staff resigning" period you wont be able to sim past this part. You will have to manually resign any of the expired contracts. Once you do you will be able to sim past any other of the off season tasks ahead and on to the next season. I have tested out tons and tons of ideas to fix this issue but more and more I am believing it has something to do with how the "staff" contracts are hard coded into the game. If you find anything out in regards to this issue please let me know.

As of now I am not letting anyone release ANY other version of this roster without prior permission from myself. This is to ensure quality control and to keep any crashes that may pop up easier to pin point and fix. Some methods of editing can cause horrendous issues that can reverse endless hours of work. I hope you all understand. When I feel like I am finished updating these rosters I will open them back up to the community to edit freely.

*To install extract to one of the following locations:

For WinXP users: C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication Data2K SportsMajor League Baseball 2K12Saves

For Vista and Windows 7 users: C:UsersUserNameAppDataRoaming2K SportsMajor League Baseball 2K12Saves

A special thanks to all of the great modders who have helped keep MLB2K12 alive!

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