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  1. profit89

    SMB2 Team Transfer Tool

    Please make the tool have the ability to import rosters into other/older versions of the game... because it takes sometimes weeks & months to find the right balance settings in the game, and then the developer updates the game and ruins everything by changing the balance. So a lot of us don't update the game to the latest version. However, this tool requires the latest version of the game. If you can make it so that we can import rosters into older versions of the game it would be great. Thanks.
  2. profit89

    Project Awesome MLB All-Star Update!

    suggestion.......you should make versions of these updates for older prepatch versions of the game.....These darn patches ruin the friggin game. I appreciate developers who fix game breaking bugs but these patches it seems are one step forward, two steps back....have to learn the game each time they rebalance the difficiulty uggghhh
  3. profit89

    Project Awesome MLB All-Star Update!

    Top notch work here folks
  4. profit89

    Project Awesome MLB All-Star Update!

    Bravo!!!! SMB2 = Best Baseball Game Ever !!!
  5. profit89

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Give me a deep editor mode any day over a restrictive league license. Those license contracts are so restrictive on what you can do. Take NFL for example they didn't allow the NFL Blitz remake to use late hits LOL... that was the whole game. The Pro Evolution Soccer model is way better. Secondly, creating and sharing creates a loyal community. Thirdly, the community of users is 1000x better than any company at creating rosters etc... competition fosters excellence. SMB2 to the top !!!!!!!!!!
  6. profit89

    Super Mega Baseball 2 Gameplay Reveal

    Don't be fooled by the cartoony graphics... By far the best baseball game ever made. The ego difficulty system is sheer brilliance. You can go from an arcade experience to full-on sim. Moreover, I can play with my son, him on a low ego setting and me on a higher one.. thereby ensuring a fun/great experience for both. Best game ever. Period
  7. profit89

    Pete Kozma Cyberface

  8. profit89

    Clayton Kershaw