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  1. Played a good amount of exhibition games.. Have to say Great Job guys! Quick question: Are future updates going to feature the traits abilities. It's a great way to add player individuality to a video game. I equate them with the player skill cards in pro evolution soccer, a game that's just teeming with player/team individuality. Anyways would be great to see.
  2. Bug Report: Blue Jays away jersey has no lettering/numbers on back of jerseys
  3. Fantastic.. Plan on giving this a whirl later tonight.. Great game.. Best baseball simulator around.. The game is deep and yet, most importantly, fun !!
  4. The best baseball simulator around !!.... on any platform !!
  5. Please make the tool have the ability to import rosters into other/older versions of the game... because it takes sometimes weeks & months to find the right balance settings in the game, and then the developer updates the game and ruins everything by changing the balance. So a lot of us don't update the game to the latest version. However, this tool requires the latest version of the game. If you can make it so that we can import rosters into older versions of the game it would be great. Thanks.
  6. suggestion.......you should make versions of these updates for older prepatch versions of the game.....These darn patches ruin the friggin game. I appreciate developers who fix game breaking bugs but these patches it seems are one step forward, two steps back....have to learn the game each time they rebalance the difficiulty uggghhh
  7. Bravo!!!! SMB2 = Best Baseball Game Ever !!!
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