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  1. Legends In Franchise ?

    Hi, My question is, is it possible to fantasy draft in franchise mode with the members of the Legends teams in the draft pool ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wiggin
  2. 2014 Facepack

    Kole Calhoun RF for the angles.
  3. @asidewalkcipher Well I am glad that was helpful. It was really a shot in the dark form my end, both screens kept turning black before crashing. I am running a ATI 7870 so I thought maybe it was a duel monitor ATI issue but apparently it's just a duel monitor with specific mod issue ( MVP 12/13) since you have a GTX card. Also are you able to record anything else besides Mvp on your XP machine at a higher FPS ? I almost want to say I don't think the GTX 7300 can do both very well, but that's all i got off the top of my head. @Homer what GFX card you running and what resolution ? @daflyboys I am using Homer's 2014 faces and your roster so I am slightly confused why its giving me issues. Just mvp 13 + faces/roster.
  4. I also got mine working. Had to disable the second monitor, compatibility mode XP and run as admin. Its working with new faces/roster from the L drive. Now my only issue I have is that my right fielder has a black face and white arms. Thanks to everyone who tried to help.
  5. I like to ensure nothing gets missed, so yes I quote the whole thing. Sorry if it bothers you. My MVP 13 is 925 MB (970,283,277 bytes)
  6. I have two physical HDD one is C drive (where windows is installed) the second is L drive. I have installed to both L drive IE not the drive windows is on, and I have tried installing it to the desktop. I have followed the steps above word for word with no luck. I was able to sim a franchise past MAY as well. EDIT: I did get Total Classics working with no problems. So its weird that this specific mod is giving me issues
  7. So I may have gotten confused about the roster, it appears to be current and correct. I installed from the disks. I have apparently tried everything that I have seen or read about. Quite frustrated.
  8. Okay. I have tried your "fresh" way of installing your the roster. Still not working. Yes prince fielder is in Detroit. I am using Win 7 64bit. I have tried both installing to the desktop and and auxiliary drive. I have tried as admin and not as admin, and every compatibility mode. As far as testing game-play, I just press advanced until the game loads.
  9. Okay, so I have installed MVP 13 then the roster, then the faces. It still crashes like before, but after more exploring it still appears to be using an old roster IE Angles have mike trout still. I copied the roster files to data/database like the instructions say. Am I missing a step with the roster or ? Thanks for the help thus far.
  10. I will try with the faces and roster when I get the chance to download them but I am not really sure what i can be doing wrong. From what I understand a total conversion should have all the files needed to run the mod within itself. STEPS: 1. Installed MVP05 game to L drive (different then C/ drive) 2. Installed 2,3,4,5 Patchs in that order. 3. Set exe to Administration and Compatibity to WinXP 4. Downloaded MVP13 5. Extracted to different folder 6. explodeme.exe to MVP05 directory on L drive 7. Tested gameplay/create a player ... crash
  11. I am crashing exactly where OP is crashing. When trying to start a game or create a player. Clean install, patched to patch 5 (or 3) I have tried both. Then extract MVP 13 and again crashes when you start game play. No other mods/anything. Base game starts and plays just fine.
  12. @asidewalkcipher May I inquire what faces and roster you installed to fix your issue ? (a link would be nice lol) Also can you tell me what files I need to download seeing as I only have 2 downloads a day.
  13. Startup Screens Pack

    OMGOSH i love it, thanks a ton wicked :D :D Great Job