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  1. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job.  I can't imagine how much time you guys put into creating these teampacks . Keep up the great work!!


  2. You're quite welcome, glad you're enjoying it.
  3. Version 1.1.1


    The PA team would like to share with the Super Mega Baseball community our MLB 30 team pack for your enjoyment. Our pack aims to bring all 30 Major League teams to the SMB2 world to enjoy alongside Metalhead Software’s preexisting teams. Our design philosophy was to create all 30 MLB teams in SMB2 rated in such a way that they can compete with the game’s stock teams. High ratings of 99 have been reserved for the truly outstanding players! A lot of hard work and collaboration went into gathering stats, developing helper tools, and compiling, tweaking, or creating from scratch the absolute best logo representations around. We are quite proud of the final product which is a direct result of our team’s dedication to recreating all 30 MLB teams in the SMB2 universe. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it! Features: Realistic logos and uniforms for all 30 MLB teams Current rosters for all 30 MLB teams Pitchers have real to life windups, pitch types and arm angles Recreated all MLB players within SMB2 MLB teams fit in with developer created teams Unique likenesses for each individual player Unique custom stats for each individual player Unique gear and equipment for each individual player Link to AFerrea’s (JudgeZarbi) Transfer Tool for installing! We want to thank rb242 for making this happen as without him this may not of happened. Rating System Explanation Our rating system is derived from OOTP ratings, which for the current year are based in turn on ZiPS predictions. Key points to note about our conversions: Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) ratings typically run from 0-200 rather than 0-99, so scaling is a simple case of dividing by two Every stat is increased by 8% in order to give numbers that are fairly competitive with the stock teams All stats are capped between 1 and 99 in their respective categories after all of the calculations have been performed Whenever rounding needs to be performed, it's always rounded down. Power For power, contact, junk, accuracy, the vsL and vsR ratings are added together and then divided by four. (Divided by two to average, then divided by two again to scale to SMB2) ARM For arm, we simply divide the relevant arm rating by two. For IF primaries this is IF arm, for OF primaries it's OF arm and for C primaries it's C arm. Fielding For fielding, we combine the range and error ratings and divide by four. The types follow the same as arm, except that for C primaries we simply divide catcher ability by two. VEL For velocity, we take the center of the MPH range given by OOTP, and add a random amount of velocity between -0.5 and +0.5 MPH. This allows pitchers who are listed as having the same velocity range to have different velocities. We then scale the velocity between 85 MPH at 1 velocity, and 99 MPH at 99 velocity. The downside of this system is that repeatedly generating stats will give differing velocities to each pitcher (unless they fall well off the top or the bottom of the scale). We decided this trade-off was worth it to avoid the situation where every pitcher with a certain range would have identical velocity. The formula to convert MPH to a velo stat is given as ((mph - 85) * (98/14) + 1). Apply the 8% increase after. Speed Speed was a tough decision to make. It was hard to find a formula that would give good results for both modern and historical players. Eventually, we settled on using a combination of fielding range, stealing ability, and running speed. Positional Stats For P/IF primaries, we use running speed, stealing ability, and IF range, and divide by six. (Divided by three to average, then two again to scale) For OF primaries, we use running speed, stealing ability, and OF range, and divide by six. For C primaries, since they don't have a range, we use running speed and stealing ability alone and divide by four. FAQ Q: How do I install this wonderful teampack? A: With Ferrea's PC Team Transfer Tool that you can find here Q: Why isn’t player X on Y team ? A: We know that everything isn’t going to be 100% accurate due to Trades/ DFA’s/ Free Agency/ and Call-ups/Send-downs taking place all the time. Q: Why is my teams logo/uniform X or Y ? A: There is a only so much we can do with the built in editor and there is also a layer limit that we have to work within. We all want them as accurate as possible, we did the best we could within the game limitations. Q: Why are some of the away uniforms the teams alternative colored versions ? A: While we understand this isn’t the normal away jerseys for many teams we enjoy incorporating more color to our uniform designs. This game is fun and colorful so we wanted to add our own color to the MLB teams. Q: Why is player X only have Y for his Power stat, he totally is a prospect and will be hitting .525 by the end of his career ? A: First of all please refer to the section regarding how we determined our stats for this project. We settled on stats for players that fit within existing SMB2 teams so that we could use our MLB teams to play against the already awesome teams the developers created. We also built our rosters on current playing players that were active on the team. We stayed away from projecting our opinions and assumptions on how we think a player will perform in the future. The rosters created are based on the rosters of today, we may provide an update at the end of the season to bring the rosters inline with how they may have changed. In addition, OOTP tends to underrate prospects until they prove that it is their actual skill level. Q: Why is the VEL stat for X not his exact real life MPH ? A: This ties into our design philosophy and making sure the the players fit in the SMB2 world. We scaled the VEL stat to reflect their real life MPH and also create diversity between pitchers. We did not want everyone with 95~ VEL. In addition, we wanted to be able to use the same formula for historical players, where PitchF/X data is not available, so compromises had to be made. Q: Can I change a players stats to whatever I want and make them look how I see fit ? A: Of course you can! This game is all about creating and sharing and we want you change whatever you want to. We just ask a couple things. Please only make these changes for your personal use only. Please don’t re-release our work as your own. Credits: Aferrea Archangel_Alan kccitystar Randallb21 TheRosterFarian tjans Tootblan Wiggin woofy ZachAlmighty Resources Out of the Park Baseball 2019 Google Images Youtube Baseball-Reference.com
  4. Version 1.0.0


    1989 San Francisco Giants (PA Stats) This team was done by Randal using the Project Awesome Stats. He asked that I post it.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This pack contains the AL and NL Hall of fame teams using the Project Awesome Stats. The uniform was done by a PA member. Likeness done by myself. Please leave any comments below.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This was made some time ago but I never got the chance to release it. This is the 2002 World Series Angels for SMB2 using the Project Awesome stats. Uniform was done by a PA member.
  7. Correct, I've been busy but originally when the roster was released he had Ohtani in the starting rotation. Easy enough to fix by the end user but wanted to bring it up none the less. @TheWolfof2K I did create him in game, I'll take another look at it when I get the time, thanks for the updated portraits
  8. You would put the .ros file into your C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\2K Sports\Major League Baseball 2K12\Saves folder and then load it in game. @TheWolfof2K not to be a bother but I came across an interesting issue. I created a custom player within your roster as a SP and used the roster in franchise mode and the created player doesn't track any stats. I've got REDitor II if you have any suggestion on how to fix my custom player so he tracks stats properly. Thanks again for all the work.
  9. Not a problem, appreciate the work. I know how much goes into making a roster at a bit smaller scale. When you load the roster roster in the game and check the starting rotation he's there. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you very much for the roster! Not sure what your criteria was but Ohtani isn't in the starting rotation for LAA. Awesome job keeping this game up to date! Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for all your hard work and making this along with your SMB2 stuff as well. Also are your sky textures you're including HD ones ?
  12. Thanks for making this! Is there any way to make this into a roster file by any chance ? Thanks
  13. Hey, thanks very much for your work. I was trying to use your roster and do a franchise with fantasy draft and while i can get through the first season, when I do the front desk stuff for season two it will CTD after that. Is that something that can be looked at or am i SOL? Thanks again for the roster, much appreciated.
  14. Hi, does this work correctly with MyPlayer ? I attempted to use it and it won't let me put in a first name for my created player. I wanted to determine if this is related to the roster or something else. Thanks for the hard work.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    All-Star Team Explanation Our goal wasn’t to get a player from every team our goal was to get the best of the best from each league. All of the starting positional players and starting pitchers reflect the real life All-Star teams. We looked at real life stats to determine bench players. There may be 4 Astros players on the AL squad but they currently have some of the best players stat wise in the game and we wanted to reflect that. If you feel your favorite player wasn’t included please feel free to add them! The All-Star game is tonight and trust us, playing with these teams will be a lot more fun than watching the game! All-Star Team Credits Afferrera: Rosters Randallb21: Logo/ Uniforms TOOTBLAN: Rosters ZachAlmighty: Rosters/ Logos/ Uniforms / Player Appearances For more information and to see our entire MLB team pack make sure to grab them here. It also includes the teams you grabbed from here so you can select No if you installed this first when asked to overwrite. - Project Awesome
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