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  1. Worked perfect for me,thank all of you for putting this together.
  2. Thanks for the hard work,going to try this out and will leave a review later.
  3. Thanks y4l andplayball335,it's cool that these are available.
  4. Here are some HH2k4 screenshots using ReShade and GeDoSaTo,also custom settings in Nvidia control panel,they aren't half bad looking compared to bone stock mvp 2005,imo anyway.In the top of the second shot can be seen the gedosato saying its working.
  5. Thank you for uploading!
  6. Thanks,KC,that's cool,i can live with it the way it is then, i really like the new fielding view.
  7. Thanks KC,i just played a game with this datafile and in my half of the 11th inning i sent the runner from 2nd base and on the throw home the ball skipped off the mound and over the catcher's head,never seen that in MVP before,that is pretty cool. Which view do you recommend using for best effect,i used 6,4 view for this game and didn't get widescreen effect for batting?
  8. Here are some screens,using the MVP 08 mod with hd grass and dirt,updated gloves and equipment with GeDoSaTo 4k downsampling to 1920x1080 and ReShade (ENB style shader) mods.
  9. Gordo, you are welcome,this site and the mods and modders have given me a lot of enjoyment so any time i can help out it makes me happy to give back a little bit.Hopefully someone that knows shaders can run with this info,also GeDoSaTo has shaders built into it as well, i've just scratched the surface of it,trying to develop a package for Madden 04 but also MVP,just starting out. And evidently, if anyone uses pcsx 2 to emulate ps2 The Show games it works with GeDoSaTo as well.
  10. O.k.,So i have found a couple of programs that seem to do a nice job of upgrading the hdr lighting and resolution of MVP and many other pc games.The first one is called ReShade,available at reshade.me(or a google search for reshade.me).This program is like Rolie's hdr mod with enb, except it uses many different effects packages.The nice thing about ReShade for use in MVP 2005 is that it uses DX9 shaders (by converting from DX8) which enable more complex effects.ReShade's developer is working with the guy who developed SweetFX,and many of the other people who create shaders for skyrim,etc. are
  11. Thanks for the help Y4L ,it was my anti virus not allowing the d/l for some reason ,temporarily disabled it and it worked...
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