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  1. Thanks for the hard work,going to try this out and will leave a review later.
  2. SMB 2 is free to xbox live gold members day one (for xbox one) ,my dogs looked at me very strangely when i started hollering "hell yeah" at my tv screen lol...
  3. Thanks y4l andplayball335,it's cool that these are available.
  4. Here are some HH2k4 screenshots using ReShade and GeDoSaTo,also custom settings in Nvidia control panel,they aren't half bad looking compared to bone stock mvp 2005,imo anyway.In the top of the second shot can be seen the gedosato saying its working.
  5. Thanks for the advice tpa,good things to keep in mind. I do know about scan lines from messing with pcsx 2 to play the show ps2 games,which does allow higher resolutions and shader effects,unfortunately those break the game display for the show series games so there are artifacts all over the screen. Pain in the rear to get the bios from my ps2 to legally use it though.Pcsx2 is very cpu intense and my Alienware is the only pc i own that can run it.Works super nice with nfl 2k5 though! All in all much easier to plug the ps2 into my tv...
  6. Yes lol,i lugged my oldest daughters crt back and forth to college a few semesters until we caved and got her a flat screen. The 36 inch tube tv was worse though,so awkward,glad she only had a 2nd floor room!
  7. i'm scouring online garage sales and craigslist in my area to try and find a large crt monitor,not an easy thing to find these days so i can play old games on it,i like the look,i don't really miss tube tv's but i have an old 3d setup that needs a crt monitor,i'd like to get it working again.
  8. So GeDoSaTo (each pair of initials stands for the program name) is a downsampling(think that is the proper term) program which makes a program display in a much higher resolution then downsamples it to fit your chosen display resolution on your crt or lcd/led monitor-so i use a 3840x2400 setting in gedosato and have it set to downsample to 1680x1050.It may need a more powerful gpu than you describe as having in the pc you use for hh.Essentially it makes the images sharper like anti-aliasing settings.But it also has a shader function built in,if you know what enb does or is(if not just use your fav search engine)it adds to older games the more modern effects(kind of like when the gaming consoles jump to their next generation).ReShade and Sweet FX are also programs that add shaders.This is a very crude explanation of what these programs can do,a lot of pc modders use these to make/take pretty screenshots and videos that are all over the net. I've got a 1st gen GeForce Titan in my pc which is insane overkill for 15 yr old high heat lol.But a modern low to mid level gpu is more than enough to run all the programs i mentioned with hh and mvp 05.And nvidia and amd have software that will force some effects through the gpu and you can tell it what settings to use with specific programs or all of them. All very useful stuff to make old games look better. Tomorrow or saturday i will post some screens and show the in game resolution setting screen set to 7680x4800 ! (it then gets downsampled to 1680x1050).
  9. The game's engine can RENDER at 1920x1080 but the presentations only scale to 4:3 displays so everything will stretch rather than fill or scale accordingly to 16:9. That is what i was missing,and obviously why it looks weird in the higher res. 320x240-----4:3 640x480-----4:3 800x600-----4:3 1024x768-----4:3 1152x864-----4:3 1280x960-----4:3 1400x1050-----4:3 1600x1200-----4:3 2048x1536-----4:3 3200x2400-----4:3 4000x3000-----4:3 6400x4800-----4:3 here is a list of 4:3 resolutions and this is where gedosato can help if your gpu has the power.But it's essentially fancy antialiasing unless you use the shader settings(like with enb or reshade) and you can force your video card to do a lot of the same things in the nvidia control panel(i haven't used an amd vid card in a long time so idk what to do with those).
  10. i use 1680x1050,it seems ok to me there,i really haven't experimented with it myself so idk for sure.Possibly due to it's age it looks best on a crt @4:3 screen ratio- i have an old 19" crt i can try it out and see.1680x1050 is a 16:10 screen ratio and 1920x1080 is 16:9.It natively scales to those resolutions when installed which just means the option is there to choose them i guess.Some old games obviously don't do it like Rallisport Challenge from 2002 for instance.Highest rez that has is 1280x800.I will give hh a try on the old pc and save some screens to post if it looks really different.
  11. Thank you for uploading!
  12. Thanks for the heads up darkhour,got that file and trues' files here now if someone could track down the mod that cured the Mr. Roboto player movements i'd be good lol. And thanks to trues for making his files available!
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