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  1. mvp 2018 install?

    Crap.. just realized it was for MVP.. lol Never mind.. my bad.
  2. mvp 2018 install?

    Hey guys, where can I download MLB 2k17 Mod?
  3. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Is it possible to start a franchise and then download the update whenever it releases and still work with the new update? Hope that makes sense.. lol
  4. Too Many Hits on All Star Custom Settings - Help!

    Okay thanks bud! I'll try that.
  5. Hey Guys, I have the settings on All-Star then customized the settings from there, which I paste below. I am getting about 12-20 hits a game even at 25 contact.. is there anything I can do to fix that? my settings are below: User Batting: Batting Contact 35 Batting Power 70 Bunt Contact 40 Bunt Success 40 Batter Eye Frequency 0 User Pitching: Pitch Meter Speed 80 Pitch Speed 70 Pitch Break Influence 50 Pitcher Composure Infl. 55 Pitcher Control 25 User Fielding: Throw Accuracy 40 Gather Error Frequency 50 Throwing Error Frequency 50 Outfielder Throw Speed 55 Infield Throw Speed 50 Outfield Run Speed 15 Infield Run Speed 15 User Running: Base Runner Speed 45 Pick Off Success 40 Catcher Arm Strength 30 Catcher Arm Accuracy 30 CPU Batting Batting Contact 70 Batting Power 80 Bunt Contact 70 Bunt Success 70 CPU Pitching Pitch Speed 70 Pitch Success 70 Strike Zone Tendency 40 Pitch Break Influence 50 Pitcher Composure Infl. 25 CPU Fielding Gather Error Frequency 40 Throwing Error Frequency 50 Outfield Throw Speed 55 Infield Throw Speed 50 Outfield Run Speed 20 Infield Run Speed 20 CPU Running: Base Runner Speed 45 Hit N Run Tendency 60 Sacrifice Bunt Tendency 60 Squeeze Tendency 65 Base Running Aggression 65 Steal Aggression 60 Catcher Arm Strength 55 Catcher Arm Accuracy 55
  6. MLB2K14byBsuFan

  7. Hi Guys, Can someone help me please.. when I select the alternative home jersey, the pants are still grey instead of white?? Any idea why that is?? I downladed the uniform form Kccitystar called 2013 Toronto Blue Jays 1.1... Any help would be great!! Thanks!
  8. Awesome!!! I was actually going to do that tonight!! I was thinking the same thing... Thanks man!!
  9. 2013 Toronto Blue Jays

    I know this old, but the home alternate Jersey still has grey pants, not the white pants in your screen shot? Am I doing somehting wrong? Otherwise, its Awesome!!!
  10. 2015 Roster

    so excited for this! Been playing all weekend! can't wait for the schedule to start spring training! Thanks for all your hard work BSU-FAN and other modders who help out with this project.
  11. Player Arm Color Not Matching Face

    just did that and it worked! thanks for the quick response!
  12. Player Arm Color Not Matching Face

    Hi guys any idea if you can fix the players arm color t match its face... eg. rajai davis face is fine but his arms are white. thanks!
  13. 2014 Schedule For Mlb 2K12 For Pc

    This is awesome!!! Wish I waited another day before starting my franchise.. its okay though, only paled 4 games.. lol ps... I feel the same way about the Jays
  14. 2014 Schedule For Mlb 2K12 For Pc

    Hey bud.. its okay man.. I started a new season and simulated the entire season first to make sure it didn't crash.. which it didn't so now I can start it again.. only played 3 games anyways.. thanks though