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  1. Hi Guys, Can someone help me please.. when I select the alternative home jersey, the pants are still grey instead of white?? Any idea why that is?? I downladed the uniform form Kccitystar called 2013 Toronto Blue Jays 1.1... Any help would be great!! Thanks!
  2. Awesome!!! I was actually going to do that tonight!! I was thinking the same thing... Thanks man!!
  3. I know this old, but the home alternate Jersey still has grey pants, not the white pants in your screen shot? Am I doing somehting wrong? Otherwise, its Awesome!!!
  4. so excited for this! Been playing all weekend! can't wait for the schedule to start spring training! Thanks for all your hard work BSU-FAN and other modders who help out with this project.
  5. just did that and it worked! thanks for the quick response!
  6. Hi guys any idea if you can fix the players arm color t match its face... eg. rajai davis face is fine but his arms are white. thanks!
  7. This is awesome!!! Wish I waited another day before starting my franchise.. its okay though, only paled 4 games.. lol ps... I feel the same way about the Jays
  8. Hey bud.. its okay man.. I started a new season and simulated the entire season first to make sure it didn't crash.. which it didn't so now I can start it again.. only played 3 games anyways.. thanks though
  9. Yeah I hear ya! I just started a new one.. saved it first then simulated the whole season.. and nothing crashed.. so i can I can start from the beginning Any luck on your combo/ultimate roster
  10. No worries, I just sent it again.. in zip format.
  11. Hey bud, Just sent you the file, please see what you can do! Thx!
  12. okay, I'll send it when I get home later today.. Thanks! When i started the season I manually corrected all the 30 team rosters... Maybe I did something wrong? I did another test franchise and only selected 1 team.. then it worked fine, but I also want to control other teams lineups.
  13. Opps! forgot to click the quote section..
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