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  1. Calm down. All the guy, or gal, did was ask a question. Mind you, the question was a legitimate one since the modder claimed their content would be ready today.Yes, a number of things could have caused BSU-FAN to not get his roster up today, but that's for him to answer why. Not you to, and be a jerk about it. Also, just because their comments were consecutive, does not make the person a spammer. Their previous 2 posts were complimentary for BSU-FAN's work. It's not as if this person was asking every hour, on the hour, where the roster was. He asked 1 single time.
  2. Right on. I only requested you because I know you did the minor league jerseys. To whomever decided to add the patches, there is no image via google for the Minnie Minoso patch. I had to create the one I attached. So, I would recommend just using that image.
  3. These unis are so good that it took me over 2 weeks to notice that the hat colors on the road uniforms are inverted. They should be a red hat, with a blue bill. You created a blue hat with a red bill. Was that something that couldn't be altered, so you just did what you could?
  4. This pack actually makes me a little annoyed that I play 2k12 instead. That Kris Bryant looks incredible!
  5. The Cubs and White Sox will both be wearing patches to commemorate the losses of Ernie Banks and Minnie Minoso, respectively. Raidersbball, could you please add the patches to the right sleeves of their respective jersey? Thanks.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to upload a portrait to MyPlayer? I was able to upload a portrait of myself to the game, which is visible in the roster management area, but not in MyPlayer. When I change my players portrait ID to the corresponding ID, the portrait is still the cyberface portrait. I even changed the file name of the .dds file to the MyPlayer standard ID (2867) and re-uploaded it, and started a new MyPlayer to test it, but to no avail. Anyone figured this out?
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