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  1. Shelley Duncan for the Indians too please Thanks
  2. Could someone please do these 2 players cyberfaces? Face 9206 Shelly Duncan Face 9213 Jason Kipnis Thanks
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    This is just an updated dat file done in C++ It contains players that EA had missed putting on their perspective teams. It also contains Barry Bonds as a black guy #25. If I have missed anybody that should be on a particular team or missed a jersey number, please let me know. Changed fake player names to real Damian Miller Tom Martin Jamie Walker Kerry Ligtenberg Matt Herges Cory Lidle Eddie Oropesa Shane Spencer Lou Merloni Brian Daubach Brendan Donnelly Frank Menechino Kevin Millar Charles Gipson Ron Mahay Just unzip the contents onto your desktop and then copy or cut and paste in your data file in the game. C:/Program Files/EA Sports/MVP Baseball 2005/data/database folder Please do not use these files unless given permission If any questions kpf48@sbcglobal.net Thanks Kerm
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    Updated Default Roster
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    This is a special DL Opening Day Default Roster ready for your dynasties.
  6. kerm

    Matsui Face Update 2


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    Sammy Sosa Face Update
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    Kerms face updates


    Various face updates
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