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  1. Totte


    Google for the missing file and add it to the specified Windows folder
  2. Jody Gerut seems to have some other guys face as well. I think it's Eddie Guardados face bit I'm not sure
  3. Thanks bud what I was trying to ask was if it's possible to have the widescreen reduced into normal proportions?
  4. Regarding this... I am using a widescreen display. Is it possible to get MVP 2005 to run in widescreen mode? It's possible to get the game to run in a widescreen resolution, but the image may be "stretched" from 4:3 or 5:4 as opposed to running at true 16:9 widescreen. Check out this thread for information. The link in the post doesn't work and just redirects you to the main page. Anyone know the answer to this? My laptop stretches the whle game out to widescreen and it'd be nice to get awy from that :)
  5. Happy Birthday Totte. Hope you get what you want today.

  6. How about adding this by Jim825? When I've created All Star teams for the single season mods I released (TC1951, TC1956, TC1978), I've done it as a multi-step process. Here's how I did it: 1. If you already have a .mbe file, make a copy of the .mbe file. If you don't have a .mbe file, open up MVPEdit, import your rosters, and save the .mbe file. Exit MVPEdit and make a copy of the .mbe file. 2. Open up MVPEdit and open up your copied .mbe file. Create your All Star teams by moving players from their current teams to the All Star teams. Don't worry that they are moving from their original teams because you will be discarding the .mbe file copy later. 3. Once you have created your All Star teams, export the two teams using the File->Export->Team menu option. Do this twice (once for each team) and save each team as a .met file, giving them names like AL_AllStars.met and NL_AllStars.met. 4. After you have saved your All Star teams, open your original .mbe file in MVPEdit.. 5. Import your All Star teams into the .mbe file using the File->Import->Team menu option. 6. After your All Star teams have been imported, export your rosters to your data database folder using the Export menu option. You now have proper All Star teams and the players are also still with their original teams. This has worked for the single season mods, where I play exhibition games or run dynasties (with all trades and injuries turned off). I can't guarantee what would happen if injuries occur or trades are allowed, but for me, this works fine.
  7. If you have MVP08 installed, you can create the mbe-file yourself by opening MVPedit and import the .dat-files from the mvp2005/data/database folder before clicking save.
  8. That makes sense Good luck on the dynasty bud, I'll stop by and check it out later on
  9. Nice approach! Question: Why are most faces generic ones if you're running the MVP08 mod? Okajima, Matsuzaka, Papelbon etc?
  10. Most likely after the deadline if I know KG
  11. Love it man and I'm sure it'll come in handy for a bunch of people :)
  12. ...just got back from a weekend of team building activities with my company and all of our European offices. We spent several hours out in the forests of northern Sweden playing games in the snow competing in teams. We also spent serveral hours drinking beer and partyin ...travelin' by train is widely underrated (at least here in Sweden). It's cheap, good for the environment and if you look at the time it takes to travel from door-to-door, train seems to be able to give the flights a good battle cuz you don't have the check-in time, security checks etc. ...only a month to go 'til I travel to the States for a 3 1/2 long vacation which include stops in SF, LA, SD, PHX and Vegas along with many more.
  13. Same thing here as for the UR rosters bro. kraw will hopefully be able to get around to them sometime soon but he's a busy man so one never know
  14. You could always make your own by importing the .dat-files into MVPedit
  15. You hit export in MVPedit and just chose the location on your HD where you want the dat-files to be added, in other words your data/database folder.
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