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  1. You too man, take care, and have a great Christmas. You've been fantastic for MVPMods since you've joined, and it's been a pleasure chatting to you in the forums. Thanks guys, and happy holidays to you and everyone else as well, I forgot to put that at the end of my post. Not a Christmas guy, what can I say? :)
  2. That multiple personality thing seems to have been happening quite a bit in the last few months. Very odd.
  3. Three months ago, I'd have laughed at the suggestion that I agree with most of this post. Since I'm in the random thoughts thread (even though it isn't Sunday) and just got caught up on the happenings of MVPMods after clearing my PM inbox, I might as well take this opportunity to echo the thoughts of DJ and drop a few names, just in case I don't get another chance. Jim, it's always been a pleasure to work with you. Your contributions to the site have been no less than awe-inspiring. Quite frankly, I don't know where this place would be without you. When there were dry periods of mods for MVP and MLB2k9 and 2K10, there was always Total Classics mods being worked on and released, and everyone on this site owes you, Stecropper, 112155, AlexTony, OTBJoel, PaulW and any other Total Classics modder whom I forgot a debt of gratitude for all the hard work you have all put in. RQ and Sean, I'm glad, sincerely, that you guys are back on staff. With you and Jim manning the fort, MVPMods should continue along the right track without any outside influences. Y4L, Maestro, DJ, tebjr, HFLR and carter - as above with Jim, it was a pleasure and an honour to have worked with you guys. Every one of you get my highest respect, and I'd do it all again at the drop of a hat. Again, there's no telling where this place would be without you. RQ and Sean, this applies to you guys as well. Modders - KCcitystar, Dylan, MarlinsMY, Hyman, Totte, The Big O, Homer, rolie, Pirate, DennisJames and jogar84. Thank you all, every single one of you are legends in your own right, and not only have you contributed massively to the community, I have appreciated your mods, advice or information on a personal level. For that I'm eternally grateful. Posters - mcoll86, emath2432, olyrunner, meteamo, catzrthecoolest, xiberger, basesloaded74, philthepat, rookie_rick, D-Unit, fenway389, pistonj92 and the guys who I normally chatted with in the shoutbox. Some of you guys provided great debate, some of you helped out in the forum when others were having problems, some of you were just great for a laugh on a bad day, all of you were appreciated. I've spoken to some of you in PM's as well as in the forum, and it's always been a pleasure dealing with you guys. I wish you all nothing but the best for the future if our paths don't cross again. To anyone I forgot, my apologies, it was far from intentional. Everyone else not mentioned, I hope my presence on the forum in whatever capacity - staff member, PC support, modder or just resident geek - has been, in one way or another, useful, and I hope I've managed to help some people with their problems in the past few years and improve some people's games with a few mods. I'll be sending out some PMs later tonight or tomorrow, so I'll probably speak to some of you in those. If you want to keep in touch outside of the site, drop me a PM. Regardless, though, just in case worst comes to worst, I've enjoyed my time here, and am proud that I can "walk-away", metaphorically speaking, with my head high and my pride intact, knowing that the majority of people who I had day-to-day interactions with can be considered friends now. I've never been ashamed to call it like I see it, unlike some others, and that's not something I'll apologise for. And just for the record, I'm not planning on leaving the site. I just thought I should post this just in case I don't happen to get back to regular posting for whatever reason.
  4. Best Admin my ***, more like Best *** kick'n Scott Admin!!! lmao

  5. Fantastic, thanks Y4L. I already have the video of this game, so the audio will be a great addition to the collection.
  6. First heard of this book by chance while reading a story on the NY Daily News site and saw an excerpt from it on the sidebar. Here's the excerpt. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2010/10/13/2010-10-13_the_last_boy_excerpt_1_mickey_mantle_finally_opens_up_about_childhood_sexual_abu.html I haven't read beyond the first 2 paragraphs yet, but if you want to check the book out, click here.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLh4HdSkpxs
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