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  1. What am i doing wrong guys, I click download and it goes to another page with a ton of compressed data on it and freezes.. Its not my laptop either, so dont even bother saying it.. My laptop is brand new and I download tons of stuff from other sites without issue... Tried to download 15 after and the same thing happened.. No download box, just compressed data on a new page and freezing.... Its has to do with your site (mvpCaribe), not my laptop, as I just downloaded mvpedit without issue.. You think it could be a windows 10 issue?
  2. Rocking the new updated dynasty.. a long way to go before I get back to where I was, but it looks pretty good I think.

  3. I was going to say, is this a real thread?? Nobody in their right mind is going to "give" their game away. This game doesnt exist and is not for sale anymore.. the only way you can get it is if you are lucky and "see" one one Ebay.. Ive seen these go for a couple hundy, and thats no joke.. I for one am keeping mine, because its still a great baseball game, and can be modded forever. it isnt next gen, but it still plays great.. and NEVER post your personal info online in a forum.. Thats just mental, no disrespect.. but you have to use your head better than this.
  4. There are plenty of really old cyberfaces that can be replaced... like Jeter, Ramirez, and others.. So there is room in the models.big file to add new cyberfaces.. I cant wait for the new patch, will be really cool.. but take your time guys, dont rush anything
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