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  1. Any reason why Aaron Judge isn't wearing batting gloves? Tyler Austin could use Manny Ramirez's batting stance. Greg Bird could use Bagwell's. His current (Griffey) doesn't have him bending down. Thanks.
  2. Tommy John? They waited a bit, but I think he got it..
  3. Yankees' changes: Torres needs to be made (and Andujar) Send Wade and Torreyes to AAA to make space Also Montgomery is injured so German has to be made for him. Clint Frazier made a few appearances. Not sure if he has enough yet. He's the 26-man for the double-header today A.J. Cole on Yankees over Tommy Kahnle (AAA) Brandon Drury in AAA for Tyler Austin
  4. Did you guys ever finish Alex Box Stadium? I almost had it done, but never finished it... I think rroy has the file..
  5. Its a great idea......MLB has to drop the whole Yankees and Mets can't both play at home....
  6. Its in the game settings. Turn it off. EDIT: Oops though this was MVP 05. My bad.
    Great! Plus I love the alternate to looking at the Red Sox...
  7. There is a max of 4 saved franchise. Not sure if there is a way around it.
  8. There is no way to fix it. Its a glitch in the program.
  9. Ya its weird. Pitch 1=2 Pitch 2=3 Pitch 3=1
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