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  1. Yes and it's very easy. Inside the game you can direct the game to any folder that has music in it to be your soundtrack.
  2. TB Wander Franco SD Ha-seong Kim SEA Jarred Kelenic STL Dakota Hudson SD Tucupita Marcano (needs ID)
  3. I'm sticking with no fans until I start my dynasty tomorrow. Then I will really appreciate how it looks again The no fans thing has allowed me to appreciate more details of the stadiums
  4. 2021 Mod at this link for everything current: Link Also, to play with classic teams, in the finished mods section there is a full conversion mod called "Greatest Historical Teams".
  5. Try 2K5 and also Madden 08. I love Madden 08 and play it to this day. Great mods available for it...here's a couple screenshots of my game. And yes, Operation Sports is a mostly pathetic website.
  6. I checked and actually pitch speed at 34 is my setting. Here are some screenshots, and right now pitching is too easy so I'm going to make the pitch meter harder (increase it). I use hitter's eye ON (I've always liked it). And I use Kccitystar MVP 15 datafile
  7. I play on All-Star and put Pitch Speed at 40.
  8. Made a MVP 21 cover concept. I'll release the "21" symbol as an icon
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