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  1. If you want to use MVP edit to correct the players' ages, yes - I believe you will have to start a new dynasty.
  2. I also use Windows 10, and year changer will not work. I just have my dynasties start in 2005 and fix the players' ages. If you want the 2021 players ages for a Dynasty starting in 2005, do the following in MVPedit: GlbEdit (Global edit) Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Modify" The field you want to modify is "Birthday" Choose "Static" on the right (not "Replace") Finally, the value to enter on the very bottom should be (including the -) -5844 Alternatively, you can send your dynasty save to
  3. Great presentation, I'll be following this one. I had an insane Dynasty that lasted 5 real-life years from 2015-2019, now I've started a new one this year
    very nice update
    Nice, thank you!
    Woww nice update!
  4. Got a virus detected when downloading Adolis Garcia.
    Woww, great update
  5. I think it would be fixed with a different flesh.fsh but I don't know where that's located in the game files. Edit: found it, (initstaz.big)
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