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  1. Scroll down here on page 72 is the newest excel file (9-10-2019) that I've found for the player id list. It's the one I use on my computer right now.
    Perfect, thank you
    Excellent, thank you
    excellent, thank you
  2. Manager Update | Carlos Beltran (NYM) / Joe Girardi (PHI)
  3. it's just an issue with the no-cd .exe file. But everything else works fine (Dynasty included) so I just live with it because it allows us to play MVP on Windows 10. And since you own the CDs legally like I do, there is no issue with doing it that way. It's just owner mode that is unplayable
  4. I completely fixed and solved the problem so that I'll never have to deal with it again. The problem is when there are players left over on the all-star teams. Before, I had imported all my new .met files for the MLB teams, and it created duplicates of the existing all-stars to the free agent list (but not in MVPedit). The key is that whenever you want to import teams, make sure that the ALL-STAR teams are completely empty because any existing all-stars will be duplicated if they are part of an imported team. I fixed it by exporting and then re-importing ALL teams, and making sure to import All-star teams and futures teams last. Problem solved.
  5. Ok that's really interesting. I look forward to the thread where you go through the process. I did the Jim825 method of creating all star rosters. Therefore, when I edit Kershaw on the all star roster it has no effect on the Kershaw on the Dodgers (so no clone problems). Originally I had a lot of duplicates because I had forgotten the obvious step of making all of the All-Star players "HIDDEN" in MVPedit. Now after making them "hidden" this has caused the number of free agent duplicates to drastically lessen. However, some are still there but they only seem to be players who were all-stars in the original MBE file (so this would be going back to 2015). These are guys like Kimbrel, Kershaw, Nelson Cruz, Scherzer, Trout, etc. There are NO duplicate all-stars of "newer" guys like Bregman, Gleyber Torres. The good thing is I have plenty of time until April 2020 to figure the problem out. And as a last resort, I could just edit those Free Agent duplicates to all have 0 ratings so that nobody signs them in a Dynasty. I have no crashing problems whatsoever by the way.
  6. great rosters and I'm curious how in the past you solved the problem of duplicate all-stars being placed in the Free Agent pool. I am meticulous with my roster editing in MVPedit and I make sure to follow all the guidelines but I have some duplicate All stars in the in-game FA pool which is really annoying. I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this.
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