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  1. My XBOX One controller worked damn near perfect for me until last week. I don't know if Microsoft updated the drivers but I did not change my config file and now no matter what I do the controls are all messed up.
    Excellent thank you
  2. I've noticed the alternates for this set have the same quirk that other dbacks sets have that have been uploaded by others. The numbers displayed on the back don't match what the player actually wears. This is on the home and away teal alternates
  3. April 1 would be nice because you’ll get those 2 extra transactions in, and it’s still considered opening day rosters.
  4. Wow, I didn't even think of that. I'm always playing dynasty so for this year's I might try that. I actually just finished a dynasty that lasted 5 real-life years from 2015-19! I always do one with the Red Sox where I take it slow and then other secondary dynasties where I take on the challenge of rebuilding teams or doing fantasy drafts. MVP is probably better than it's ever been for me
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