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  1. I downloaded the Bregman cyberface from mvpcaribe
  2. GoRedSox34

    Hitting tips?

    play the batting mini-game a lot it will improve your timing
  3. I still use the wireless XBOX 360 sometimes. But a really cool new controller is the Hyperkin Duke XBOX controller which I've been using more for MVP. It works flawlessly with the XBOX One Controller config that is in the config thread. The only thing is that the left and right bumpers activate "argue call" during replays but other than that it's perfect. Not a controller for people with small hands.
  4. Scroll down here on page 72 is the newest excel file (9-10-2019) that I've found for the player id list. It's the one I use on my computer right now.
    Perfect, thank you
    Excellent, thank you
    excellent, thank you
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