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  1. Are you offering the contracts during a season, or after the season? If they're still under contract, just let them play out the duration of their contract (my opinion). Even if they're unhappy, it's fine. Their morale should improve with enough playing time. When their contract expires, you can let them become a free agent and then negotiate again. At this point, they should be more willing to accept your offer. If they don't accept at this point, just keep restarting the offseason and go to free agency and keep trying. This might no
  2. if you offer them a contract that makes them really upset, it doesn't matter what you do after that. Even if you offer them $24M per year, they don't want to negotiate any more. The best method is to offer them a contract that doesn't make them angry the first time (once they're angry, just exit out of dynasty and offer a new contract) - this means DON'T save your dynasty before exiting out If a player's morale is only slightly upset (upside down face) you can make them content by putting them on the trade block. This boosts their happiness, and you don't have to actual
  3. why does every single thing have to be turned into a political statement
    thanks, the official ID for Michael Harris (ATL) is 1706 MJ Melendez official = 1156 you can use this portrait maker to change those ID's: https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/6606-portrait-maker/ edit: after installing with TiT, Dickerson and Arauz caused a crash. Had to use the above tool to repair the portraits
    looks great in game!!
  4. wuilmer made a good face for Pablo Lopez (MIA) found here: FACES MLB 2019 wuilmer26f.ra - Faces - MVP Mods Can we make the ID #822 official? The spreadsheet says 822 is Rubby De la Rosa, who is out of the league
    Looks great in game, thank you
    Thank you niice
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