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  1. why does every single thing have to be turned into a political statement
    thanks, the official ID for Michael Harris (ATL) is 1706 MJ Melendez official = 1156 you can use this portrait maker to change those ID's: https://www.mvpmods.com/files/file/6606-portrait-maker/ edit: after installing with TiT, Dickerson and Arauz caused a crash. Had to use the above tool to repair the portraits
    looks great in game!!
  2. wuilmer made a good face for Pablo Lopez (MIA) found here: FACES MLB 2019 wuilmer26f.ra - Faces - MVP Mods Can we make the ID #822 official? The spreadsheet says 822 is Rubby De la Rosa, who is out of the league
    Looks great in game, thank you
    Thank you niice
    excellent face for deGrom - it's accurate. I don't understand those negative comments!
  3. I don't think there's any way to delete them, the game generates these players for some reason But if I start a dynasty, I change their ratings 0 so that they're not signed by any teams
  4. yes, that was him! he made a great catch
  5. Not sure if the PS5 controller is compatible The best for me has been XBOX One Controller (wired) I think you could get a dualshock 4 to work by using DS4, also XBOX 360 controllers are great for MVP
  6. Cyberface ideas Jarren Duran (BOS) Tyler Wade (LAA) Brusdar Graterol (LAD) Jasson Dominguez (NYY Prospect)
  7. Portrait requests for: Bobby Witt Jr. (KC) Adley Rutschman (BAL) - also needs ID Julio Rodriguez (SEA) - also needs ID Vladimir Gutierrez (CIN)
    Thank you, excellent quality!
  8. I play Dynasty all the time, and a players' top 100 prospect status goes away the year after they start playing in the majors. So it may stay on their info as long as they're in the minor leagues
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