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  1. has woken up from a year's long nap :D

  2. This isn't a youtube video ... it's hulu and MySpace but it falls in the same category. Mr. T on Conan's show picking Apples. (Replay the other night, Orig. Aired Oct 2000). Very very funny ... I pity the Apple !!! My Space: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...;videoid=982328 Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/watch/57462/late-night...pples-with-mr-t
  3. I thought TNA is a privately held limited liability company and that it's owned by Panda Energy. I imagine Panda Energy might be a publicly held stock but I'm not sure if TNA is which means all the talk about Mick being a stockholder is nothing but another story. And TNA was lucky they persuaded Panda to buy it since it would have gone bankrupt back then. Sometimes, there's no putting off the inevitable. LOL
  4. Your breakdown of TNA is nice. Is that the same Dixie Carter as the one from the TV show Designing Women? And I guess there may be a 2 tier system where one group of guys can only be fired by Dixie and another group that can only fire the lesser of the two groups. The Women's Division was so much better than WWE IMO but if I miss the TNA show, it's no big deal whereas I usually don't miss Smackdown or Raw ... until baseball season of course. My question is .... what will happen when TNA does fail? What will happen to all those guys on TNA? How many of them if any will then go to WWE or just decide to do something else like retire? I think they have to re-evaluate the whole platform so as not to kill the show. Competition is good and if WWE is the only show in town then who knows what may happen.
  5. Happy Birthday Totte. Hope you get what you want today.

  6. That was a funny one about Favre. The Jets rent a player for one year, nothing happens and we don't have a good QB next year because of the owner's infatuation with Favre. Maybe he should have just bought the Packers a few years ago. Or maybe he should just hire Favre as his pool boy or his gardener. LOL. Sunday .... I'm thankful hardly any snow fell in the New York area but not thankful that it will be much colder later this week. I don't know how people living by the Great Lakes do it with all that snow and cold. I can't wait till the warmer weather ... and Baseball season. Now that the football season is long gone for both New York football teams, I'm in 100% baseball mode again. At least as a Met fan, they keep me entertained until the last day. That's unfortunately better than some other teams. :(
  7. WWE is a big giant so it would have been hard for TNA to make it this long but congrats they did. It's all about the money and the WWE can offer a lot of money. I'm surprised that Angle is thinking about coming back but with all of these wrestlers, how can they fit them all on every show? Perhaps they can have one show on every night of the week. That's funny about E + C + T + K. How long did you give for TNA anyways?
  8. One of the best recent tag team matchups have been E+C vs. Hardy Boys. I could see that starting up again although they all would be considerably older than last time. All they need now is for the Fat Dudley Boys to come back. But, I find it funny that Edge was one of the bad guys in WWE and yet Christian was one of the good guys (last I saw) in TNA. MVP = Most Vain Punk
  9. meteamo

    Site Issues

    The site looks really good and as some said above, it's faster. And I like the some of the post font changes as well as some of the emoticons, especially these: Keep up the great work.
  10. http://myspace.com/maryseouelletfrenchkiss The problem is that if you search, you will find about 5 or so myspace accounts for her. I think some people try be someone else. Too bad nobody tries to be me though. Maybe I'd get a good reputation then. LOL Tonight, I think they'll be in Iraq. I like it when they go to Iraq. I wish they would do some more episodes from there.
  11. It's freezing here now. :twisted: Well ... it's close to that in the North East. And isn't that where the head quarters are? If Lawler likes the Browns and Indians, I guess he's from Cleveland or surrounding area? But, it would have been funny if the picture caught him on TNA's website. BTW ... I checked up on that WWE Diva Maryse. On her askmen and myspace pages say that she's a black belt in Karate and she knows Judo and Kick Boxing as well as winning a Hawaiin Tropics contest. And her myspace page plays Enter The Sandman. She's my new favorite. LOL.
  12. If I was Hardy, I would tell Edge that he could have a rematch, as long as he can get through Triple-H. This way, he wouldn't have to worry about Edge and Triple-H and Edge can beat each other up. And if the story about Christian coming back to WWE is true, do you think it may be possible that they may try to restart the feud between Christian/Edge and the Hardys? I'm not saying but I'm just saying. What's the best seats anyone got at any of these shows? Oh, and what's up with Mick Foley in TNA?
  13. LOL Nice pic. Did you take this? Everyone is a baseball fan. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like he's looking at the Indians page on Firefox and that the universal password is truck1. I wonder why that password. Anyways, I'm sure Vince would prefer him being on their website but then again, at least he's not looking at TNA's website. Hah.
  14. Interesting IGN article I was reading: 10 Most Useless Divas In WWE History I found the comments to be just as interesting. And after reading the article and the comments, all I could think of is what happened to GLOW? I'm sure they would be able to kick some butt. Also I read somewhere that Christian may be going back to WWE.
  15. Whatever happened when the show went off air during the lumber jack match this past week? They only showed all the guys fighting each other after Batista stopped Orton from kicking CM Punk after the match. Thanks for any info in advance.
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