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  1. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Pushpin Map   


    Texas City, TX

    30 miles south of Houston...
  2. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: I will only say this once.   


    If the makers of the game can get over someone illegally modding their game they created... I'm sure you can also get over someone modding something that isn't even yours to mod, or to even claim ownership to.

    Did you get permission from EA to mod the game? Doubt you did...

    Lighten up fellas... this is for fun, remember?

    P.S. I did not read all 5+ pages of this topic, and don't plan to. So, if I somehow plagiarized someone's response, I apologize.
  3. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Something Weird Just Happened   

    It could be something you did, or the mod. Considering the mod is at 0.3, it certainly may contain some bugs he hasn't found yet. It's hard to say, just yet.

    That's just the nature of the game when modding, so I hope you don't get frsutrated and quit. Modding can be very irritating at times, yet very rewarding once May rolls around and everybody has everything tweaked, and working.

    So, keep at it...
  4. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: I can't believe what i saw! :-(   

    Guys, there will probably never be an accurate simulation on computer or console of the game of baseball. There is almost no way they can program all the nuances of our beloved game into a computer.

    I'd just enjoy it for what it is. Heck, even in real life umpires make mistakes and get calls wrong or call a foul homer in play. Also, those sort of plays tend to even out in the end and you'll get your fair share of calls in your favor. Just enjoy the game for what it is, whether it's on a grass field or your computer!

    P.S. It's funny you guys are griping about the umpires... maybe this game is more real than you're giving it credit for! hehehe
  5. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Rglass's profile.   

    You will need to have it in the My Documents MVP folder and not the one in Program Files though.
  6. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Player progression, buggy or just poorly done?   

    Well, those are some pretty outstanding numbers for Weeks... maybe the comp figured we should cut him down a notch. I mean, you didn't expect any plusses after a season like that did you? :shock:

    Anyways, I don't think that kid will ever have numbers like that in real life. Not many 2nd baseman do... just an observation...
  7. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Roddata   

    Well, is that your experience? If you use the default data file does it work? And when you put in roddata 5 it doesn't? If so, then there may be some compatibility issues that Rod and the guys need to know about...
  8. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Game freezer...   

    Sorry to say this, since you seem to be an A's fan, but if I remember right... the Network Associate's Stadium SerialMike made had some problems for some people. I have no idea if he fixed it or not, but you may try using someone else's NA stadium and see if it works. I believe all the other Serial Mike stadiums were fine.

    P.s. and I'm not slamming the guy's work.. his work and contributions have been well appreciated by myself and most others.... so, don't get all sensitive modders.. =) I'm just pointing out what I remembered...
  9. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Portrait problem/EaGraphEditor   

    be more specific and surely someone would know something to try... 8)
  10. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Clemens... grrrr...   

    Haha, no JoeBlow.. Matt Clement served this one up...
  11. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Clemens... grrrr...   

    As if hitting off Roger Clemens wasn't bad enough, he just jacked a grandslam off me into the Crawford Boxes. Had 1 out and was trying to pitch low to get a double play ground ball... ummm...

    boy, was I shocked...

    and yes, I saved my dynasty... stros beat me cubbies 10-0 *sniff* :oops:
  12. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Ultimate Portrait Update   

    Nobody has every portrait because the AA teams and some of the others don't have pics up. Especially, if they are part of "the Sports Network". If it says powered by The Sports Network... you can forget about getting pics for all the players on that team's website.

    I emailed the Sports Network and complained but it bounced back to me and said I was banned or some crap. Guess they didn't like my "opinion" but the work they do is garbage, especially if they're gonna say "powered by.." on the bottom of their work and then not have pics or bios of the players, as every team that isn't "powered" by them does. lol

    I dunno about others, but I feel my portrait file and roster is kind of a mess and I wouldn't feel comfortable posting it as it's just not totally accurate right now and never will be as long as that network is not posting the player's photos on the minor league team sites they maintain.

    That may be why there's been no responses...
  13. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Where's da Cubs mods? =(   

    LOL, ee!!!!!!!! :lol:
  14. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Default 5-Reverse CAM w/ Trues edited RodKey Datafile   

    I thought Kamasutra's Mod would do something like that. Maybe try it...
    choose default cams and true's datafile, if those options are there. I forget all the options he has right now...
  15. Sosa21 added a post in a topic: Where's da Cubs mods? =(   

    Well, lately, I just haven't seen much to download on the front page. Just seemed that all of baseball has been represented lately. I look every day for the most part. Guess I have the Cubs complex or something... :oops:

    Of course, I have all you mentioned and am grateful. I look forward to the face pack, no doubt bout that!!