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  1. I think it is from 13
  2. Maybe you opened to many programs when you play the game. Try to close those programs.
  3. Really!? I don't know Salva made Seibu Dome.I need to contact to him~~ I admire them who can make stadium or overlay.
  4. You need to download all parts to play.
  5. What kind of the question?
  6. So it can be downloaded?
  7. Thank you for your reminding. I tried to fix it and I can download it without login Please try it again.
  8. I uploaded file is a hyperlink and connect to MEGA to download. The MOD is over 3GB.
  9. Version 1.0


    I. Introduction Thank you for downloading the MVP BASEBALL ASIA 2014 MOD. This total conversion mod for MVP Baseball 2005 changes your game to MVP Asia Series 2014. The MOD included all teams in Asia baseball teams. Japan(NPB) 12 teams. Korea(KBO) 10 teams Taiwan(CPBL) 4 teams. Independent league: Shigoku League (Japan) Baseball Challange League(Japan) National Teams: Australia(ABL) '> II. Contents 1.30 Asia baseball teams replaced the MLB teams. 2.Over 300 uniforms and 700 faces in the mod. 3.Asian baseball's characteristic "cheer songs" are used numerous in this MOD. 4.Changed walk up musics to Asian style. '> --------------------------------------------------------------- III.CREDITS Thanks to every one who contributed.Not only the team of "Gamebase Players" but also the modders in MVPmods. Before I release it,I asked some modders who made MVP12. Because this mod is based on MVP12. Thanks for thier generous and kindness. '> IV.How to intall How to use? After you downloaded the "MVP Baseball Asia 2014"file, double-click to open it. Back up your files before you use it. Unzip the MVP Baseball Asia Series 2014 and you'll get a data file,0000000.256,and ASIA LEAGUE 14.mbe Replace "data" and "0000000.256"to your original files. Play the MOD. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are now looking for some friends to make MOD of next year together. If you enjoyed this MOD and have interested about it. Please tell me on the MVPMODS. Thanks. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nufIFUR1GM8