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  1. Player Id List

    4142 is Carl Edwards Jr., not C.J. Edwards. 5862 and 4122 are the same person, 5862 is Joe Ortiz ( 2013 & 2015 season registered name), 4122 is Joseph Ortiz ( 2014 season registered name), 5862 is created at 1 Apr 2013, 4122 is created at 8 May 2014, maybe you can delete 4122.
  2. Player Id List

    4986 is Yordyn Calderon, not Yordi Calderon.
  3. Player Id List

    4869 is Mark Payton, not Marcos Payton. Can you upload the list? Thanks!
  4. Player Id List

    4847 is Paul Sewald, not Pablo Sewald. 9833 is Danny Muno, not Daniel Muno. 4091 is Chasen Bradford, not Chase Bradford.
  5. Player Id List

    4899 is Zach Eflin, not Zack Eflin.
  6. Player Id List

    4810 is Alfredo Rodriguez ,not Alfredo Roriguez.
  7. Player Id List

    7148's new registered name is KD Kang. 4239's new registered name is D.J. Hicks. 5894's new registered name is A.J. Pettersen. 1831 and 8726 are the same person (Luis Martinez), 1831 was creating in the original list (for example: Accessories), 8726 was created later, however, recent works, modders seem to use 8726. Maybe you can delete the 1831 or 1831 to CWS Class A Luis Martinez.
  8. Player Id List

    5791's new registered name is Hector Daniel Rodriguez. 6894 and 4480 are the same person, 6894 is created at 22 May 2012 by kyleb,  4480 is created at 25 Nov 2014 by Oscar Morales, and 6894's name is John Ruettiger, not John Ruetitger, maybe you can choose one to delete. 5799 and 4527 are the same person, 5799 is created at 1 Apr 2013 by kyleb,  4527 is created at 26 Nov 2014 by Oscar Morales, and 5799's name is Pin-Chieh Chen, not Pin-Chieh Chan, maybe you can choose one to delete. 4500 is Madison Younginer. 0445 is Barrett Barnes.
  9. MVP 15 Opening Day Rosters

    BAL 3A Dariel Alvarez is 3462
  10. Player Id List

    Oh, My bor. You delete 8753, because he was free agency in November this year? I think we should keep him, he did not retire, maybe next season he will join new team. 8753 and 3432 are the different people, they can coexist.
  11. Player Id List

    8753 is http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=473239#/career/R/hitting/2015/ALL 3432 is http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=t515&player_id=575249#/career/R/hitting/2015/ALL The above two, obviously different people, and they are active players, this part is no problem. I do not know is ... 3433 and 3348? Is the same person? Or the different person? I only found a player's name is Patrick Kivlehan, so I feel confused.  
  12. Player Id List

    Hey, My bro., I do not understand the difference between 3433 and 3348?
  13. Player Id List

    In the list, 2899 is Kevin Jepson??
  14. Player Id List

    6655's new registered name is Tim Melville. 3410's new registered name is Patrick Cantwell. 4314's new registered name is "Chi Chi" Gonzalez. 2465's new registered name is Melvin Upton Jr.. 9456's new registered name is DJ LeMahieu. 1872's new registered name is Tom Murphy. 7547's new registered name is Mike Broadway. 4800's new registered name is Mike Strong. 9261's new registered name is Johnny Hellweg. 5854's new registered name is Mike Kickham. 7376's new registered name is Mel Rojas Jr.. 4241's new registered name is Matt Bowman. 7263's new registered name is John Mayberry Jr.. 9918's new registered name is J.T. Realmuto. 4787's new registered name is Brian Ellington.   And, can you update the list? THX!
  15. Player Id List

    4342's registered name is "Frankie" Montas. 8128's registered name is "Jumbo" Diaz. 5696 is Hyun-Jin Ryu, firstname is Hyun-Jin, lastname is  Ryu. 4704 and 9948 are the same person, maybe you can choose one to delete.