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  1. Hey bambino man, I made you a sick wallpaper that will blow your face off. I made it a countdown to make it even sicker. now nobody except bambino can watch it through to the end. You can't face the end. The end will be so sickening it'll jump out at you. Remember nobody except bambino can watch this through until thwe end until I say so. I would PM it to him, but It's not working properly. http://img182.imageshack.us/img182/6673/la...caryfaceic4.gif
  2. If you want it in 1024x768, just set it to center.
  3. My High School Field is in my sig for those interested.
  4. 1024x768 1280x1024 1440x900 A little something I made during my free time. And 1440x900 are my weird computer dimensions.
  5. Updated........
  6. Miller, Maybin I put the taskbar in as a guide for me.
  7. Version


    [align=center]Happy Turducken Day! Team Turducken Jerseys[/align] [align=center]What's better than Turkey Day? TURDUCKEN DAY! Get the uniforms to prove it. Show the Turducken's superiority over life. Turkeys are the past, Turduckens........[/align] [align=center] THE FUTURE![/align]
  8. Kind of as a fantasy stadium idea. How abut a stadium with no fences, and the field just goes on forever? Kind of like a sandlot or something.
  9. Bonds 756
  10. Drop Shadows, Noise, Finding mesh-like textures online, practice, being a prefectionist Me and my prefectionist self made an update I've tried to do baseball ones, but that texture is hard to do, once I do, I promise you I will make a 24 Griffey in Seattle (I want one too )
  11. Here's 2 Vokouns I made, one with texture, one without.... w/ w/o
  12. A Ted Ginn Jersey WP (I think he actually might be #17... Oh well) Jason Taylor WP Currently working on a Vokoun Panthers one, I'm going to use their current jersey, and update it when the new ones are unveiled.
  13. For a throwback, Pompano Municipal? I used to play travel ball at the four fields that are literally right beind the stadium fence.
  14. Here's an Eddie Jones I made
  15. I don't see a difference between that, and how he normally looks. I see no difference.