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  1. richardj added a post in a topic: How To Save Multiple Classic Mods   

    I have been trying to same multiple copies of each of the mods so that at any time I can play any of the Classic Mods. I have not had any problems installing any mod into MVP baseball. The problem I am running into is that I have installed MVP Baseball on one drive with the original game disks. I created seperate folders for each of the mods to install the mods on another drive. I created a folder for the 1927 through 1956 mods. No problem. I copied the original installation files to this folder. I then installed the four mods from 1927 through 1956. No problem. I created a dynasty for each of the mods and after playing a game I saved the mod. Again, no problem.

    Next, I again created a seperate folder on the same drive (which is not the drive the original install is on) for the four mods for 1974 through 1988. Used same process as above. When I went to the folder for the 1927 through 1956 mod installations, when I started the game, loaded a dynasty, I now had the four dynastys from the 1974 through 1988 mods. I even found these dynastys were now in the original install of MVP baseball 2005 folder where none of the mods had been installed.

    Seems no matter what folder I use, the game will save only four dynastys, and it is saving them accross drives in each folder where I have copied the original program too. Anyone got any ideas on how to install all the mods so that anyone mod can be played and saved on a seasonal basis or no matter what I do, only 4 seasons or dynastys can be saved at any one time?

    I have even placed each mod in its own folder, copied the original install into those folders, installed the mod in its own folder. I can then start the mod either by going to its folder and clicking on the MVP Baseball icon or via desktop icon. Still seems it requires saving as a dynasty to play a whole season, which is then accross all MVP mod folders when the dynasty list is selected.

    Any work around for saving more than four dynastys so that they are not saved accross all MVP mod folders?

  2. richardj added a post in a topic: 1927 Total Classics Questions   

    Thanks for the information on unlocking the 1927 uniforms. Now able to use the correct uniforms for the teams. Thanks again.
  3. richardj added a post in a topic: 1927 Total Classics Questions   

    I have just started to begin playing MVP Baseball after purchasing a new computer last year. I have installed MVP Baseball 2005. I have been downloading Classic seasons, stadiums, uniforms, etc. I play the game more in a managers mode, letting the computer handle the pitching, hitting, running, etc. If I want to take over some action during a game, I can do so to make decisions on changing pitchers, change players, etc if I want to. I basically watch a game unfold similar to watching it on TV.

    Here are some questions I need for clarification. I have installed the 1927 Total Classic mod.

    1. Appears that I can only save 4 profiles and 4 Dynastys. Is there any way to have more as I have all of the Total Classic Mods.
    2. The 1927 mod has some teams where I am not able to use 1927 uniforms. Game indicates I need to go to MVP Options. Since I am
    not handling pitching, batting, fielding, etc, but letting the computer handle these activities, I am not apparently getting
    award points to be able to open up the teams 1927 uniforms. Is there any other way to get around this in the game.
    3. I have downloaded a number of team uniforms from different seasons. How do I install any of these uniforms?
    4. I downloaded Fuzz's uniform utility, but when I ran it, I got an error that a dll file is missing or a file is corrupted.
    5. At present, I have only 4 Total Classic mods fully operation due to the problem with item # 1, even though I have all available
    mods downloaded.

    Any help would be helpful
  4. richardj added a post in a topic: MVP Baseball 1994 Released   

    I am reviving MVP 2005 on my computer. Where can I find the 1994 mod? Link took me to MVP Mods site, not listed in Classics listing of mods, was not able to find it in general MVP Baseball mods.
  5. richardj added a post in a topic: MVP 2004 Dynasty   

    Is there any way to get my 2004 MVP saved seasons dynasty into MVP 2005? Would be nice if we could bring prior versions of MVP dynastys into current version of MVP.


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