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  1. Mvpmods Subscriptions

    I'm aware of that. I do not know the history of this site or that they were running on a dedicated server. I just came around here in 2009. I will shut up now.
  2. Mvpmods Subscriptions

    $150/month sounds a bit steep for this website in my opinion. I know I mentioned to Trues in a PM, but thought I would post here in case he didn't get it for some reason (Got an error when I sent). Anyways, how about moving to a web host that gives unlimited storage space and bandwidth, such as FatCow.com? Granted it's not eat all you want, but they say it should be enough to satisfy a personal or small/medium size business at $58/year. Probably more a pain than what it's worth though. (7zip'ing the files would help a bit as mentioned earlier)
  3. Mvpmods Subscriptions

    You can still participate in the baseball discussion on the forum. Only if you want to download files and such do you need to pay. But seriously, $10 is not much.