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  1. Philadelphia Pack

    Version 1.2


    this file contain: Citizen bank park : - texture improvement and correction - new grass alpha fix - dornas by DonSpa Phillies current jerseys - real center logo recostruction - fix numbers textures - fix alternate sleeve number and logo caps - fix black spot on hats thanks to Kccitystar for new hat map texture some CF fix, little enhanced texture - Cole hamels 2012 look - 3d editing fix and fix head dimension - vance worley - john Mayberry - freddy galvis - Kyle kendrick ( read the instruction readme to install ) ...and backup your file first
  2. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    wow...for pc users I think it's not a good memories of mlb2k series -------------------- Kc, but this grey texture is only a prototype? need to remake all road jersey textures?
  3. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    thanks Kc. a question: is possible to use only your color list without install the "extra" jersey? another question: can you try to delete this " orrible" dark stitching on the clear hats ( like red colors). it possible to correct the texture and have only the stiching with the same color of the hat?
  4. Vance Worley update

    Version 1


    I'm not a CF maker...but I don't like some ( of my phillies) players CF it's a simple update with haircut...nose...and little adjustments on 3D structure. copy the iff on your mlb2k12 folder and set the ID face on your roster with the Roster editor to 2235. ( I use BSU needed roster editor changes) ---------------- backup your files first...remeber
  5. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    wow, looks amazing in nba2k12 my friend Albys in his roster whit the help of another modder have unlock and entered new uniform without rename original uniform with the Reditor guru
  6. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    ahah...2k not work? naaaaahhh this year I have patching NBA2k12 from october to june..and i finish my project of all 30 court recostruction. I work on all it possible..textures, HEX editing..and the 3d editing to make all like in real. there is court that 2k don't update from year and year like orlando magic for example. also in this MLB2k I see the same things...stadiums are completely left out. not updated from years. I'm trying to delete the " socks" from boston grass diamond center..but it's not possible. if you want to edit alpha channels textures with GIMP ( I use Gimp)...see the simply tutorial made by jaosming for nba2k
  7. real stadium sideline update

    Version v.1.3


    this textures update the stadium baseplates logos at 2012 season. including updates,replacements and removals logos. only LA ANGELS is not included. I don't know why but the logo don't appears, sorry! to install: - open the relative stadium***.iff file with the NBA2k Mod Tool - go to "4" ( in some stadium is 3 or 2) and DDS:1 - import the dds texture NOTE: if you use this work for your work, remeber....say thanks!! V. 1.2.....update 3 logos - texas ( with and without the logo) - pittsburg ( better logo) - milwaukee ( logo corrections)
  8. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    the global editor by leftos for nba2k12 change the lightnings of players shadows, but you need to know what values do you want to change
  9. Kccitystar's Total Mods + Stuff

    looks much better is a improvement on single stadium texture?