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  1. angelobobfr added a post in a topic: Big Newbie   

    Thanks it gives me lot of help !

    Do anyone know a similar site with video, It would be really nice !

    Thanks Again Hoop27
  2. angelobobfr added a post in a topic: Big Newbie   

    Hi all,

    I'm a french guy discovering baseball and its particular rules...

    I'm currently looking for a website or even a book to understand the strategies of the game ! (or maybe an already existing post in this forum ?)

    For example when do I have to bunt, when to throw directly to the 3rd basemen with the right fielder (I saw Ichiro doing that !)...I think I undrestand the basic rules but I'm miss some specific strategies and tips...

    This is the king of question that I'm asking me and a lot more too !!

    Thanks for the help

    Sorry for my bad english