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There are 2 folders One for those that have Tys roster editor and one for those

that dont.There are 3 methods to installing.

Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes

Normal Install instructions

WARNING BACK UP ORIGINAL FILES as these will overwrite the originals.Unzip into

the main mlb2k12 folder.Start game these will NOT have the correct color codes because

of the way 2k does their files

Generic Mod Enabler(use the files in the normal install)

This is the best way for those who dont have tys editor and dont want to over write the originals.

Download from http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products-jsgme.html

and follow thier directions.Once installed there should be a folder called *MODS*

Inside this folder u can create another folder.For example if u just want national league

modded unis name a folder NATIONAL LEAGUE and place my unzipped uni files

inside this folder.Start the enabler and choose the folder that has the mods

then start the game and the unis should be available.If u want to revert back to the originals

then just shut down the enabler again these will not have the correct color codes

Ned Hanlons Superbas whose nickname was a famous circus act of the time

started the new century as champions of the national league.In affect world champions

since the american league was still a minor league.The Brooklyns of 1900 wore

the standard white home and grey road.Home caps were the pil box type in white

and the road was grey.Stockings were maroon at home,black on the road.Jerseys wer

button up with fold down collars.Road shirts had BROOKLYN in block letters while

the home had an old english B.The same style uniform stayed in place until1907

when they redesigned the Unis.The road uniform in 1907 was a grey material but

fine blue crosshatched or"checkered pattern".This expierment was the forerunner

of the more acceptable pinstripes in later years.This look had many comments

and even was ridiculed that the team decided not to repeat the uniform in 1908.

In the 1916 the Superbas were now known as the Robins(after wilbert robinson).They opened with a new

version of the cross hatched unis but this time with wider spacing.The idea was more

accpetable now.It may have been because now the brooklyn team was a pennant contender.

The media and fans seldom find a reason to criticize a winning team no matter the costume.

They met the Boston Redsox in the world series but fell short but still those unusual

uniforms became baseball lore.Again though it was back to regular pinstripes in 1917.

During the decade of the 20's the "trolly dodgers" finally achieved respect in the "big apple".

The pinstripes continued thru the 20's.

In 1925 the national league celebrated its 50th year and brooklyn spruced up thier look

to celebrate the milestone.As all NL teams a large circular blue and gold patch was displayed

on the left breast of home jerseys and on the road jerseys it was on the left sleeve.

The 1930's the wilbert robinson era was near the end and the Robins pretty much

floundered.But they did get some attention for thier uniform ideas.With fancy lettering

and red and blue colors.In 1933 the brooklyn club officially adopted the "trolly dodgers"

as thier nickname.The new uniforms even displayed the name dodgers on the front.

In an era of many new color expierments.the dodgers took probally the boldest

one yet in 1937.They introduced GREEN trimmed uniforms and no it wasnt no

April Fools joke.Except for the choice of color which was unthinkable for baseball uniforms,the

overall design was conservative.With solid green caps,brooklyn in plain block letters and minimum piping.

However the road jerseys crossed a new frontier in uiform ideas by using TAN

instead of the basic grey.This idea only lasted one season.

Beginning in 1938 the familiar Dodgers script made its first appearance.They also

wore a world fair patch on the left sleeve.In the 1940s and early hybrid version

of the familiar dodgers was developed.Instead of the normal flannel,a highly

reflective satin fabric was used with the idea that it would improve viewing

under the lights.The alternate road unis were a rich pale blue and the trim

was white with a white stripe down the shoulders and Brooklyn in white script.

In 1947 baseball history was made as jackie robinson was now wearing the familiar

dodger blue.Another note about the dodger uniforms is starting from 1939 thru 1947

they were wearing zippered uniforms.

1952 the dodgers made uniform history by adding the players number not just on

the back but now also on the front.Many teams started following this ,the braves

in 53 then the reds in 57.In 58 the orioles were the first american lg team to do so.

The brooklyn dodgers finally won the world series in 1955 over the much hated

NY Yankees.Despite another pennant in56 walter o'malley was determined to

move to the west coast and major league baseball was no more in brooklyn by


Major league on the west coast was an instant hit and was more glorious and eventful

more than o'malleys wildest dreams.Attendance was huge and the instant rivallry

with the giants resumed.The dodgers won the series in 59 in only thier 2nd season in LA.

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