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  1. Pims51's MEGA ROSTER

    What you will find:

    -All 25-man rosters up to date. EVERY player is assigned a cyberface from the pool of cyberfaces the game has.
    -All milb rosters up to date. Players that are not on the active 25-man roster are on either in AAA or AA.
    -Prospects: Courtesy of BSU-fan's roster, all organizational top 10 prospects (per mlb.com) and all 10-20 prospects in AAA have been added and have a cyberface. Contracts have been made based on their ETA so you can launch an association mode and keep them in the fold for several years, with their salaries escalating.
    -Updated lineups and pitching assignments per mlbdepthcarts.com. All is up to date until right now (21/05/14).
    -Portraits adapted from raiders' mega portrait pack for 2k12.

    What's next:
    -2014 all-star rosters.
    -2014 portrait pack once raiders releases it.
    -Every real player with a cyberface.

    To install it, copy ALL files EXCEPT the .ros file in your mlb2k11 directory, put your .ros file in your saves section.

    Let me know if there is any problem (wrong arm colour, bad contracts, wrong number, etc....) for I am aware that these do exist.

    Also, I can create further players upon request, as long as the player is not out of baseball, has played in the mlb or is a prospect. The only thing i require is you provide me with a link to a good scouting report.

    Thanks to: Bsu fan and Wudl for their rosters, Raiders for his portrait packs and amazing help with portraits, gotribematt for his help, scottybilly for giving me the idea of doing cyberface assignments, Pena for the jerseys, and Zach, DetroitStyle and Leafnuts for the cyberfaces.

    Enjoy and... Play ball!


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    #UPDATE 04 25 14#

    Here it is! The 2014 opening day roster for MLB 2k11!

    What you will find:
    -Updated 25-man rosters, pitching staffs and lineups (per mlbdepthcharts.com). All transactions up to date.
    -Every MLB player with a cyberface taken from the pool of cyberfaces in the game. I've started doing triple A too but i'm currently at the Braves.
    -TOP 60 prospects per MLB.com. I will try to do the top 100 when i get time.
    -Updated ratings from the 2013 season.

    What you won't find:
    -Portrait packs. I couldn't download TiT so anyone who could help me on this would be welcome.
    -My latest updated ratings. Can't find time for this yet.
    -The 2013 all-star rosters, though i plan on doing them asap. I'll wait for the 2014 all-star teams to be unveiled.

    You must also download DS style's catcher cyberface pack to make it work. I suggest that you download the following:

    Some credit goes to bsufan for his 2k12 roster from which i was able to get some player ratings and to Scottybilly for his work on assigning some cyberfaces in this thread: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=52481

    Hope you like it. Please submit a review or let me know if anything goes wrong. Feedback would be immensely appreciated!


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