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  1. While I don't agree with some of the Jays off season moves, I think they are much stronger than last year. It's unfair to discount them because they spent a lot of money. They Yanks and BoSox have a larger payroll and anyone could equally argue that they have overpaid for players as well.

    Injuries to Koskie, Halladay and Hudson played a large roll in the Jays' finish in 2005. Assuming everyone is healthy in 2006 I see them finishing with a much better record. They have upgraded themselves in starting pitching, closer, first base and third base. Wells will be better in '06 with Glaus hitting behind him and Halladay's leg is healed and he's ready to go. It's going to be an exciting year in Toronto.

    The Red Sox are chaotic at best and haven't really made any positive moves aside from trading Mirabelli for Loretta. The trade for Beckett, Lowell and Mota lost them a major league ready minor league short stop in Hanley Ramirez along with other top prospects. They then traded their starting SS for a 3B prospect who now looks like he's headed to Cleveland with Mota for CF Coco Crisp. So, is Snow better than Millar? Is Lowell better than Mueller? Will Crisp be better than Damon? Only time will tell. They got some big names, but they also got several injury prone players on their roster. They are an old team and most likely an unhappy team. Wells and Ramirez want out and Damon is no longer around to keep everyone loose. I think it will be a long season in Boston.

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