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    2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus

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    Fantastic! I loved the previous release, and I can't wait to try these out. One question: do I have to start a new dynasty when I install these, or can I continue to use my saved one?


    -Jeff Ortloff

    "Just Press Start"


    Well if you want to have the right cyberfaces, you have to start over.

    2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus

       3,751    54

    hey guys, are you extracting the datafile folder in the program files>ea sports>mvp baseball>data folder? you should completely replace it. you shouldn't do anything with the mbe file.

    also, i use mvp 08's default sliders and trues datafile to make the pitch meter larger.

    2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus

       3,751    54


    i narrowed the problem down to the all star version of young and hamilton because they are gone from the free agent list when i delete them from the al all stars. do you know how to add them back once deleted?

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