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  1. I have made some progress.  I was able to confirm the game will not allow importing if the yearid is greater than 2000 (It would only import the first record if left at 2018).  I build an Access database using the current Lahman data and created queries/exports that could be used in the HH Editor.  The files it uses are located in the editor install folder under another folder called databases.  I apologize if you already knew this.


    As you can see I was able to import the 2018 Diamondbacks.  Everyone is a second baseman because I did not go through and edit all the positions.  There would still be plenty of editing involved, as the Lahman import method defaults many fields to specific values.  I found a minor issue with his importing via Lahman, the AB's listed in the historical stats is always off, but the performance AB's are correct.  I need to do a little more testing with the historical stats and the Lahman import, as it also seems to balk at using '2018' as a statistical year (it imports as 2993).


    Another option would be for me to export the data from OOTP and build standard CSV's that can also be imported and require far less editing.


    I'm going to toy around a bit more using the Lahman method, if it proves futile to get as far as I want, I will shift over to standard CSV's using OOTP data.


    Stay tuned....




  2. Hello,

    It's great to see a new mod going forward and I would like to both enjoy some of the new mods and contribute to new ones.  Its been a while since I have been involved with MLB2K and had a couple of quick questions I was hoping someone may have the answers to.

    -  Is it now possible to play a franchise that starts in a specific (ie 2018) year and have all of the current and future year statistics compile properly?
    - Is it possible to edit (or disable) the Inside Edge data?  If it isn't possible to do either, then even though we may edit a players ratings, won't any lingering IE data skew any ratings we have set?
    - Is it still possible to obtain a Reditor key (I know historically Vlad's support has waned since he began working for VC)?

  3. Don't let him get to you, which is obviously is what he's trying to do (basically restating the same post as our other gracious vaporware user).   If anyone thinks its Vaporware, then why bother showing up here?  Like I stated to the last user, nobody here owes anyone here ANYTHING.  This is being provided out of their love for modding and their generosity.  So if you don't have anything constructive to offer then.....



  4. 9 hours ago, Paul_Hanlin_Jr said:

    I'm with Kccitystar; each week with no news, the 'v' word looms over this whole thing.  VAPORWARE.  I think it would help if there would be somebody out there who can give us a general target date.  The time has passed for saying 'it'll get done when it's done'.  The discouragement is rising. 


    I love how users post comments like this as if they are owed something from modders.  It will be done when it's done is the truth.  It has been discussed that modders are working as hard as possible and that they do have real jobs and lives.  Can you believe the gall of all of them putting their jobs/lives before a FREE mod for a video game (insert sarcasm sign here) ????!!!

    If you truly believe it to be vaporware and have become discouraged, then maybe you could start producing content for the mod?  Maybe then you will obtain a greater appreciation for how much time and effort goes into providing mods like this.

    Hail to the Modders!

  5. I have been thinking of doing something similar, but in the modern era.  Does RedMC replace Reditor II (it appears to)?  I was thinking of using OOTP to generate my league/players for use in my fictional mod.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your results.

    Good Luck!

  6. I have uploaded SJNathan's V4 Tune file for HH2002 to the site. It is in the HH2003 section though, as there is no section for 2002. Let me know if you are looking for anything else as I still have many HH2002 mods.

  7. Hey guys, spent awhile adjusting BSU's roster to bring it up to date as of a couple of days ago and also started a franchise that has the correct schedule and seems to sim fine for 2014. The minor leagues are not accurate, but the majors are very close to accurate. Includes all the portrait and face update as well as uniforms updates. Credits to everyone working on this, especially BSUFan, KCCityStar, Raidersbball, Blindguy (all excellent work), and everyone who keeps this game going. Good luck. And especially thanks to Yankee4Life for watching the site and making me laugh.

    PS..Sox are 2-0.. maybe we should quit while ahead.



    Will this allow the game to continue into the 2015, 2016, etc. seasons without issue and properly accumulate season/career statistics?

  8. Is this editor still supported? If so do we finally have a means of changing the year so that we can run franchises and accumulate statistics accurately?

    If the answer is yes to both, I would definitely be interested in the Guru and My Friend modules.

  9. Yes Siree !

    A BIG TIME Birthday wish to this most amazing site. Thanks Trues & all others that have contributed and/or enjoyed over these 10 years.

    I am PROUD to say I have been here since it's inception and it has brought me endless hours of fun & friends ......


    My sentiments as well. This site is still one of my daily visits! Here is to many more years to come.

  10. Jed,

    You are doing a great job, you will be great to carry the torch from Jogar (who will be sorely missed). The difference from your beginning faces to now are astounding.

    Thank you and all the other modded that keep this great game going.

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