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  1. Thanks guys....

    It seems that 7 is the limit because when I run the FSHTool it only

    imports the 6+ the 1B glove, 7 total. I was hoping that somebody

    knew a way around this, that's all. As for his mod, I love the fact that

    there's a huge selection 29-gloves, 6-1B gloves, 5-catchers.

    I try to make it as "SIM" as possible by assigning most of the players

    the gloves they use in MLB, (if there's a mod for the glove).

    Spungo you do awesome work, I hope to see more mods in the future!

    I just opened the index FSH file w/ notepad, if I tried to create more spots

    in there do you think this would work? I don't want to attempt something

    that I might regret! I don't think I would corrupt anything, reason

    being that I'd create a backup or delete any lines I create in the index

    FSH file b4 something weird could happen. I'd just like to know if anybody has ever tried this?

    Well....I tried it. It didn't work. FSHTool doesn't want to recognize

    more than 7 items. Oh well, maybe somebody else knows the correct

    way to do this, if possible???

  2. Like I said, I was wondering if there's a way to expand this???

    Yes I've tried, I was hoping that the format could be changed.

    Like the sleeves, the skin tones are expanded.

    I don't know much about how things work/run in the files.

    I just thought maybe somebody would know how, if it were possible.

  3. I did the following:

    Extract the downloaded file, copy all files to ..EA SPORTS MVP Baseball 2005 and run the bat.

    And You will change the arm for your player.

    You opened the attrib.dat with Notepad.

    Change your player's 38th number(is arm number) to 11~15.

    11~~~~Armskin Tattoo and Black Glove(2X)

    12~~~~blue Sleeves

    13~~~~black Sleeves

    14~~~~red Sleeves

    15~~~~Green Sleeves


    Arm tatoo and Long sleeves for Non-generic face players~

    This mod is only effective for players who have his own cyberface

    Why does he say the 38th number is the (arm number)?

    The 38th number in my file is skin tone.

    How do I install this?

    Thanks in advance!

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