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  1. if I have years here but face rookie making and uploading files to the page and again I did not steal the work or jogar84 nadien or jed are great doing face as I saw that he had placed nadien barabas to that face I did not want anything more no credit take no upload own files to the site for any profit just for the benefit of the game basseball 2005 but a thousand apologies again to its creators say will not happen again only if I make any mistake because they tell me personally instead of doing a post for my mistake task

  2. good thank you very much I am newbie clarify something about face but can review my work and ever and uploaded something done by nadien to earn credits own face just wanted to update those made ​​with beards did not want or steal or damage the work nadien repeat again if with what I did offended someone thousand apologies but how good would that I were personally served by any error committed

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