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  1. File Name: roster actualizado 08-04-2012

    File Submitter: marinopress

    File Submitted: 08 Apr 2012

    File Category: Rosters

    s good here will bring the updated roster contains the player

    - Manny ramirez

    - Josh donaldson

    - Yoenis lawns

    - Travis ishikama

    - Norichika aoki

    - Lendy castle

    - Gregor white

    - Lucas luetge

    - Hisashi Iwakuma

    - Erasmo ramirez

    - Yin wei-chen

    - Yu Darvish

    - Jamier Moyer

    - Andy Pettitte

    these are the players created some already have their portrait face lineup andpitching lineup also modified and also modifies the bullpen I hope you like theroster is current at the date of 04.08.2012

    español bueno aqui le s traigo el roster actualizado contiene a los player

    - manny ramirez

    - josh donaldson

    yoenis cespedes

    - travis ishikama

    - norichika aoki

    - lendy castillo

    - gregor blanco

    - lucas luetge

    - hisashi iwakuma

    - erasmo ramirez

    - wei-yin chen

    - yu darvish

    - jamier moyer

    - andy pettitte

    estos son los jugadores creados algunos ya tienen su face y su portrait lineup modificada lineup de picheo tambien modifica y tambien el bullpen espero que le guste el roster esta actualizado a la fecha de 08-04-2012

    Click here to download this file

  2. File Name: Roster actualizado y e uniforme nuevos Roster and uniform current and new

    File Submitter: marinopress

    File Submitted: 24 Feb 2012

    File Category: Rosters

    In spanish

    Hola a todos los fanaticos del mlb 2k11 este es mi ultimo aporte ya que se viene el mlb2k12 tienen el roster actualizado con algunos jugadores creado lineup modificada picheo arreglado le pongo el uniforme de miami y el de blue jay nuevos espero que le gustes, y lo disfrusten.

    In English

    Hello to all the fanatics of mlb 2k11 this is my I complete contribution since mlb2k12 comes have up-to-date roster with some players created lineup modified picheo fixed I put the uniform to him of new Miami and the one of blue jay I hope that it likes, they disfrusten and it.

    MLB 2K12


    Click here to download this file

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