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Epic Rosters IV: 2008 Rosters for MVP Baseball 2005 2/13/08 (ST Edition)

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About This File

Epic IV: 2008 Rosters for MVP Baseball 2005 by SwinginSoriano Version 1.0 2/12/08 Check out what was literally over three years in the making. Starting in November 2004, a new roster that would help change the face of major league rosters in MVP Baseball took shape. This roster would update all ratings for the new baseball season. The name of this roster? Epic. Why? Sometimes there isn't a good reason, as the name "Epic" was randomly chosen when the file was saved as a .mbe for the very first time! The rest is history. Now, Epic Rosters take attention to every detail and statistic available for optimum Major League play. It started as an "off-season" roster available for MVP Baseball 2004 and it has now become one of the most popular mods available today, here in 2008 for MVP Baseball 2005. I hope you enjoy this roster as much I enjoyed creating it! I never did this for money, or even downloads, but I did it for anyone who wanted to teach an old game new tricks! -SwinginSoriano Special Thanks to: - KGbaseball, who provided many minor league players for this roster and currently maintains a Total Minors roster with Epic's major league ratings - Krawhitham's All-Star FAQs - All who have provided technical help that allowed this roster to function - To everyone who downloaded this roster, THANKS! ***NOTE*** This is not a Total Minors Roster, and it does not have single season or career stats, if you definately want those go here: (My ML Ratings are in this roster) or Questions? Comments? Visit the thread or PM me on MVPmods or email me at I'm very helpful with installation questions too. :)

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