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New forum policy

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As of yesterday, November 3rd, 2007 there has been a new policy put in place here at Mvpmods that we would kindly ask be followed from this day forward.

Please do not ask in public, and that means in any current thread on the site or in the creation of a new one or on the front page shoutbox why a user has been banned from this website whether he is a member here or over at EAmods, or both.

Please do not act as a third party by coming here and bringing up questions as to the status or situation of a banned user. If you insist on asking these questions then you will use the private messaging system that each user has access to.

Please do not come in here with the intention of creating unrest over current issues between this website and Eamods. Granted, problems exist and it is a constant work in progress to resolve them. People that come in here to stick their opinions in offer very little in a sense of resolving any issue. In fact, the opposite happens and it makes things that much worse.

To reiterate, if you have questions about this matter, you will be asked to use the private messaging system. If you ignore this request you will be immediately removed from the website. You will not be given an e-mail explaining why.

The reason for this drastic measure is that people who are visiting the site for the mods or to converse with others in the forum area are getting to be very tired of the constant fighting between one site and another. No one is saying who is right or wrong, that doesn't matter to them. They want to play their game and get their mods and not be bothered with the drama. This website was created for this great game that we play and it is high time we get back to our roots and enjoy this place for what it is.

Thank you for your time. This thread is locked because this is an official forum announcement.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.