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Finally Getting To See Some Things 2K12...

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It's still very minimal, but it is nice to finally be able to put a picture with some of the new features.






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It looks like the red pitch isn't really just an indicator but a way to cover up the rating of the pitch. Those numbers are the pitchers rating for each pitch. So if you throw a red one you don't know if its a 94 or 44.

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Some additional images show that it is more than just the pitch rating number which will be visually affected by the change to pitching in 2K12. The entire circle where the stick motion of the pitch is shown will vary from green to yellow to red.

Also, take a look at an image of a new chart feature (called up anytime using the left button on the D-Pad) which displays how your pitcher is mixing locations with his pitches within the current game.


Warnings and ejections by the umpires have been added to MLB 2K12 for hitting batters. Umpires will issue warnings to each dugout just like in MLB, and anyone who hits a batter after the warning has been issued will be ejected from the game.

There will NOT be access to check if pitchers in the bullpen are warmed up (in the past you could use the pause menu or the D-pad). When a pitcher is fully warmed up, the game will notify you automatically (I'm not so sure about the point of this since real-world managers can have unlimited contact with their bullpen coaches, but I really don't see this being a huge factor anyway).

The overuse of a pitch leading to ineffectiveness within the current game will start out as a function of the pitcher's tendency; the success or failure by the opposition will only come into play later and possibly only when it's quite significant. This means that a pitcher who is expected to throw 65% fastballs will not get those yellow warnings and red scares just because he's using the heater two-thirds of the time, and Mariano Rivera will not be penalized for using his Cutter 87% of the time. It seems that the yellow indication in a pitch circle is the game's way of giving you a head's up that your current pace with that pitch is more than just a little above the tendency percentage found in the pitcher's profile. The yellow indicator does not mean that you will be penalized; it is simply letting you know that you're headed towards the red if you don't adjust. If you do adjust to the new color coded system, your red pitches will fall back to yellow and then green, and pitches which only got to the yellow can return to green quite quickly.




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Cant wait to get this game . I loved last years game ! played it all winter . First time i have played a baseball game all year long :)

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