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  • 2K15 Mega Portrait Pack-BSU-FAN Roster By raidersbball20

    **All portraits are updated for the 2015 season**
    Mega Portrait Pack 2K15 for latest BSU-FAN v6 roster. Every player should have correct portrait for the MLB rosters. I will update throughout the season as the rosters are updated by BSU-FAN. If I missed anyone or there are any requests please message me under this topic in the forums. I tried to use all 2015 pressbox photos this year unless I did not have the option. Just unzip, overwrite files, and enjoy!
  • Global Update By Kccitystar

    This global.iff contains most of the textures relative to the hitter/pitcher/fielder in the game. It includes balls, gloves, bats, catcher's equipment, shinguards, the list goes on and on.
    **BONUS**: All associated files will replace the MLB2K* logos to the fictional MLB2K15.
    Many of the changes in this mod are collaborative works created by the MLB2K12 community.
    While it would be relatively easy to update these files on your own by downloading everything seperately, it's a little confusing to try and import those textures all at once. For convenience, here is an all in-one compilation for you to just simply copy over and overwrite the existing global.iff file in your MLB2K12 directory. It's that simple.
    Simply extract all of the .IFF files and place it in your main MLB 2K12 directory. 
    Your MLB 2K12 directory can be (if you have an x64 version of Windows) either in:
    That's all you need to do. Just start the game up, and enjoy!

    A very special thank you goes out to the MLB2K12 modding community for their work included in this update.
  • AT&T Park - San Francisco Giants By DaSteelerz

    One for the boys in the Bay. Every ad redone top to bottom. A few environment changes. Thanks for downloading.
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    Want to have the same look as in the screenshots? If you have a decent graphics card consider this download: 
  • MLB 2K12 Texture Editor By Kccitystar

    - Recompiled and 99% translated from the 3DM NBA2K Mod Tool with Visual Studio 2013.
    - Import/Export content from .IFF files for every NBA/MLB 2K game up until 2009.
    - Import/Export 3D models in N2KM format for use in Blender

    What's also included:
    "zlib.dll" decompression library for public use
    "DXRender_4.dll" for the utility to run and export files

    *Please make sure your system has all of the following: Visual C ++ 2008 Redistributable SP1 or higher, .NET Framework 4.0 or higher, DirectX (June 2010) or later (with D3DX9_43.DLL)*
    Extract to its own folder with the two DLL files included in the same directory otherwise the program will not run.