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Red Sox/Somersets 1.0

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About This File

There are 2 folders One for those that have Tys roster editor and one for those

that dont.There are 3 methods to installing.

Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes

Normal Install instructions

WARNING BACK UP ORIGINAL FILES as these will overwrite the originals.Unzip into

the main mlb2k12 folder.Start game these will NOT have the correct color codes because

of the way 2k does their files

Generic Mod Enabler(use the files in the normal install)

This is the best way for those who dont have tys editor and dont want to over write the originals.

Download from http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products-jsgme.html

and follow thier directions.Once installed there should be a folder called *MODS*

Inside this folder u can create another folder.For example if u just want national league

modded unis name a folder NATIONAL LEAGUE and place my unzipped uni files

inside this folder.Start the enabler and choose the folder that has the mods

then start the game and the unis should be available.If u want to revert back to the originals

then just shut down the enabler again these will not have the correct color codes

The first uniforms for the new 1901 Boston Americans were picked out by manager

Jimmy collins.Nothing unusual just white home and grey road.They had regulation

turn down collars with lacing part way down the front.The trousers had built in

padding fro sliding protection.The caps were so called "Chicago" style,a pillbox with

2 stripes around the crown.A feature that may have surprised the uninformed Red Sox

fan is that all trim including the stockings were not red but blue.Both home and road had

"Boston" arched in block capital letters.This was standard in most unis at this time but for

Boston this is especially noteworthy because the form of the "Boston"letters is

virtually identical to todays road unis and represents the oldest surviving major league

uniform.With older pictures its hard to identitify the difference between the Boston Americans

to the Boston Nationals.To resolve this problem the Americans changed thier front

jersey trim to old english"B" and "A".Since most teams nicknames were not official

except for the Philadelphia Athletics,"Americans"was the accepted name used

to distinguish this team from the Boston Nationals.Unofficial names used by newspapers

were Somersets,Pilgrims and Puritans.The old english letters were another common

standard and the only current survivor of this early century fashion is the "D"on the

Detroit Tigers

1903 was a very important milestone for the American league fro credibility of being

a "Major League" as Boston challenged the mighty Pittsburghs(led by Honus Wagner)

To a best of 9 so called "world championship"and Boston won 5 games to 3.

1908 the Boston Americans officially became known as the "Red Stockings" or "Red Sox"

They followed the "White Sox" to shorten the stockings to sox which most

likely to save space on newspaper accounts for games.The 1908 jerseys were unique

because on the center of the chest was a slanted red stocking symbol with the name "Boston"

in white capital letters.This unusual graphic made no mistake on who the team was

and was the first pictorial reference to a team nickname on a "Jersey".Detroit was the

first to have a graphic which was a "Red Tiger" on thier caps in 1901.

The following files represent the 1902.1908,1974 and 1976 Red Sox.the files are the cl1.cl2.home and alth iff's

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