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  1. Wudl's Rating Edited Roster (Beta)

    Hey wudl83, if I'm not mistaken the pitch names that go around the circles in-game are located in the English.iff file. If this means what I think it means, we will be limited to just number of names 2K provided. We could modify the existing names though Photoshop, but I'm not sure we will be able to get all of the new pitch names to show up on screen. In the English.iff file we are limited to... 7 split change 8 eephus?? 14 circle change 16 slurve 19 knuckle curve 21 palm ball 23 screwball 27 fastball 28 changeup 33 sinker 36 knuckleball 42 power curve 45 splitter 49 cut fastball 52 curveball 55 slider 60 12-6 curve 61 2 seam The only way I see this working is if you create a new pitch for example the "slow knuckler", you would have to get rid of the "palm ball" or another pitch that is not used in the majors a lot. Hope this helps.