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  1. buckanator23 added a post in a topic: Wudl's Rating Edited Roster (Beta)   

    Hey wudl83, if I'm not mistaken the pitch names that go around the circles in-game are located in the English.iff file. If this means what I think it means, we will be limited to just number of names 2K provided. We could modify the existing names though Photoshop, but I'm not sure we will be able to get all of the new pitch names to show up on screen. In the English.iff file we are limited to...

    7 split change
    8 eephus??
    14 circle change
    16 slurve
    19 knuckle curve
    21 palm ball
    23 screwball
    27 fastball
    28 changeup
    33 sinker
    36 knuckleball
    42 power curve
    45 splitter
    49 cut fastball
    52 curveball
    55 slider
    60 12-6 curve
    61 2 seam

    The only way I see this working is if you create a new pitch for example the "slow knuckler", you would have to get rid of the "palm ball" or another pitch that is not used in the majors a lot. Hope this helps.
  2. buckanator23 added a post in a topic: [Workaround] Mlb Today Freeze   

    KC, thanks for the work around, I hadn't played in a while and didn't realize it was broken until last night. However after getting it working again I noticed that if I load an editied roster and then go HOME it crashes again. I also noticed that my date is one day off. Where I live it is eastern standard time. I played a game around 1 AM on 10/30/12 but the game is showing 10/29/12. Has anyone seen this glitch, because I can't find anything as to how to fix it. My system and BIOS clocks are correct. Any help would be appreciated
  3. buckanator23 added a post in a topic: Possible Skin Tone Correction Idea   

    Hey guys I've been around here for a long time and have never posted anything until now, but I may have figured out a workaround for the skin tone limitations in the roster editor. I decided to try to fix it after seeing Starling Marte in BSUFan's roster (dark face/light arms). It involves a simple texture change using the NBA Mod Tool.
    If you extract texture 178, then import it over texture 192 in the global.iff file, anyone in the roster with the "11" skin tone will have dark arms to match the face. Then you can go into the roster editor for the lighter skined guys and lower their skin tone number to make the arms match closer (a good example will be Matt Kemp, lower his to match, I did 9). It's not perfect sometimes but I feel it is better than the alternative.
    This really won't work too well with the official 2k roster unless you tweak it yourself each time a new one comes out, but if you are like me and use BSUFans awesome roster then you may want to try this.
    One more note, this will also allow us to work with dark skinned players portaits as well, since BSU didn't do certain players in his last roster because of the light arms issue.
    Thanks to everyone in the community for making this game better and I hope this idea may help you, so I can give back alittle to you guys.
  4. buckanator23 added a post in a topic: Wudl83's Cyberface Thread V 3 - Free Requests   

    Your faces are awesome, just wondering if you could do a Roger Bernadina (WAS) or an Alejandro de Aza (CWS) with the lighter skin tone like your John Mayberry, so they will work and look right with the roster editor limitations for skin tone. If you don't have the time it's cool.