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  1. It's been so long since i've been here, anyway just wanted to say that the mod is looking amazing so far, and like many here, can't wait to see it in action. Great work so far!
  2. Quick question, is there a 2x or 4x catchers mask (Hockey style) template available in the site, i've been searching for one but i've come up empty so far.
  3. Thanks.
  4. I am trying to use the Rutgers' Kinght. I still need to learn a lot more photoshop before i can make my own logos, LOL.
  5. I don't really know what to send you so i am attaching the full size logo i am using for the team. Thanks.
  6. Kraw i am still trying to use Fuzz's "Team Creator" but i am not getting any results, cuz it gives me the error message everytime i try to load the first alpha, is there any chance that if i give you the logo i want to use you could hook me up with the alphas? I know i am asking for a lot and i will fully understand if you refuse to do so.
  7. I have NFSH, what do i have to do to change the logos with it?
  8. Kraw, quick question, how many alphas should i have? Also are they different sizes? Sorry, first time doing this.
  9. I need a bit of help, i am swapping a logo using MVP Studio 2006 and when i try to put my alpha images the program gives me this error: You Have not selected a proper alpha file FILE. I don't understant what is going on my alphas are all the proper size and they are all 8 bit, is there something i am missing or doing wrong?
  10. it says it has to be 64 w by 128 tall, that is what i am using.
  11. I already tried that and it keeps on telling me that.
  12. I have photoshop and i figured out how to greyscale it, but everytime i try to load the alpha the logo changer keeps on telling me that i didn't select the proper alpha file FILE, what does that mean?
  13. Sorry for the dumb question but how do i greyscale the image for my alpha logos?
  14. Thanks, what i basically want to do is take the Nats and switch them with a custom team, the roster will stay the same i just want to do uniforms, logos, and the menu name and logo change, and maybe some audio, but i doubt it, and a staidum change, not really looking for a custom stadium right now. Kraw do you think you could point me in the right direction as to how i go about changing the menu names and logos, and also the stadium?
  15. What would i have to do in order to replace one of the teams in the game with a custom/created team? Also what would i have to do to replace the logo and team name in the menus?