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  1. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    LOL at all the leeches demanding things, thank you for the hard work, you guys are amazing.
  2. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    It is honestly jaw dropping how good you guys make this game look, major kudos, and thanks for the hard work.
  3. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    Awesome work, keep it up guys and thanks for all the hard work.
  4. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    It's been so long since i've been here, anyway just wanted to say that the mod is looking amazing so far, and like many here, can't wait to see it in action. Great work so far!
  5. Please Help, I Have A Couple Of Questions

    Thank you for all your help, it was greatly appreciated.
  6. Please Help, I Have A Couple Of Questions

    So basically copy and paste the contents into the database folder? Also about the 2 programs i know Tywiggins doesn't have them here and his page went down, are they included in any conversion mod? i am mainly concerned with the schedule changer so the player stats don't get all screwy when i start playing the game. Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated.
  7. I have installed the MVP 12 mod and i am trying to get the rosters up to date, i tried installing this roster: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7601 but nothing changed, i changed the database folder with the one provided but the rosters are still the 2012 opening day ones. Could anyone help me out? Is there also a way to change the starting year of the season? Last question, i can't seem to find the team changer anywhere, does anyone know where i could find it?
  8. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    Quick question, is there a 2x or 4x catchers mask (Hockey style) template available in the site, i've been searching for one but i've come up empty so far.
  9. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

  10. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    I am trying to use the Rutgers' Kinght. I still need to learn a lot more photoshop before i can make my own logos, LOL.
  11. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    I don't really know what to send you so i am attaching the full size logo i am using for the team. Thanks.
  12. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    Kraw i am still trying to use Fuzz's "Team Creator" but i am not getting any results, cuz it gives me the error message everytime i try to load the first alpha, is there any chance that if i give you the logo i want to use you could hook me up with the alphas? I know i am asking for a lot and i will fully understand if you refuse to do so.
  13. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    I have NFSH, what do i have to do to change the logos with it?
  14. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    Kraw, quick question, how many alphas should i have? Also are they different sizes? Sorry, first time doing this.
  15. Modding Questions? Ask Them Here.

    I need a bit of help, i am swapping a logo using MVP Studio 2006 and when i try to put my alpha images the program gives me this error: You Have not selected a proper alpha file FILE. I don't understant what is going on my alphas are all the proper size and they are all 8 bit, is there something i am missing or doing wrong?