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  1. really? didn't know that... sorry, I won't ask again.
  2. I know that it's normally illegal but not in my case. Since I'm in Europe and it's tough here to buy it my friend in america bought it and gave it to me via rapidshare. So everything is legal (I'm sure that some people's CDs were destroyed and they have to play with a no-CD crack despite having bought the game.
  3. Hey, is there a way to play Owner Mode with a No-CD crack? It crashes while playing/simulating a game...
  4. I'm going to search my game copy now and try to play it asap! This looks awesome!
  5. Did you draft Orlando Beverage? Never heard of him before. gr8 dynasty by the way ;)
  6. - I don't care about the SuperBowl at all. I hate Pissburgh and since the Cards beat the Birds last week, I can't stand them either. - I live in Europe and ESPN America lauched last night. There is a new betting and a poker commercial, the sign changed and that's all. They showed Pens/Leafs last night and until the first commercial break they had FSN Pissburgh and I thought they got rid of that ******* HNIC, but they switched right to HNIC after it - 25 days until Spring Training! I can't wait!!
  7. No, I haven't seen him on any roster.
  8. I'll post them now (for the first time ever) because it's already sunday here in germany - What a huge win by Penn State earlier today. I can't wait for the Rose Bowl - I wonder what will happen if the Yankees can't sign either Sabathia, Lowe or Burnett. MLBTradeRumours.com has a good article. - I watched the Arizona Fall League championchip game and there were some good players on both teams. - I found some interest in creating/updating portraits over the last 2 weeks. - I'm already pissed off that christmas stuff. It's still more than 1 month and thise christmas things are overall. - We had snow for the first time this winter today.
  9. Yeah, the PC version is gr8 but only with a ton of mods...