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  1. Site Issues

    really like the new look and feel and speed
  2. New City, Career Renewed - Oakland A's Year 3

    This is an awesome dynasty. My favorite team, and your graphics are crazy.
  3. MVP Baseball 2005 for Dummies

    Wow this is a wonderful thread, right up there with the all compressing FAQs. Good job man
  4. The YouTube Thread
  5. Wallpapers

    just made my first ever wall paper. i already see some things that went wrong, but how is it for a first? appreciate feed back
  6. Wallpapers

    someone wanna do one with josh cribbs, devin hester, and leon washington? the theme of return man in the NFL...thanks for anyone who considers this
  7. kraw, those thinks didnt work for me, its no big deal i bought a PC dual shock one, but i have xbox one and was curious to try it out
  8. Rookie Portrait Pack



    Thank you for downloading my portraits! I apologize that they are not great, but still better than the black space when there's no picture. PLEASE READ FOR INSTRUCTIONS! Requirements: MVPedit UR 8.6 rosters(players aren't in 8.5) Instructions: Extract the all the bmp files to anywhere, I recommend creating a tempory folder for them to extract called Rookie Portraits and put it in your desktop. You will see 14 different bmp files which are just a different type of picture file. Now you see how they are named, one of them says alpha at the end and one says picture? Well if you don't, look harder. Open up MVPedit and locate the players whose portraits I made. For example, find Ross Detwiler on the Nationals A team and it will say no picture found where his portrait should be. CLICK IN THAT BOX THAT SAYS NO PICTURE FOUND. Click the selection that says new alpha, and pick the file you downloaded from me called rossdetwileralpha.bmp and you will see a little picture appear. NOW click the selection that says NEW PICTURE. When you click new picture it will bring you to a browse menu.Now find that file you downloaded and extracted to your tempory folder called rossdetwilerpicture.bmp and click it. There, Ross Detwiler is done. You just do that with each picture, it takes 25 seconds tops. Any Problems? PM me or email me at Thanks! and click it.
  9. none of kraws links worked
  10. Davd Price Portrait



    A portrait for David Price, the first overall pick for the Devil Rays, on there single A team. Go into MVPedit and find him. It will say no picture found. Click there and then hit new alpha and select the alpha file you downloaded. Then in new picture select the file DavidPrice you downloaded.