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  1. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Reasons Why I Won'T Be Purchasing Mlb 2K11.   

    Dang guys....I was just about to buy 2k10 this week and try out some mods. I figured I couldnt judge it simply on the demo or console versions and a few games. I thought maybe sitting with it for a few weeks may win me over.

    However, as some of you may know from my previous posts regarding the next gen baseball games, I have griped about fielding (total user control) and bat to ball timing physics.

    I mean do any of the mods for 2k10 fix this or all these glitches you all speak of?

    Because Ive heard plenty talk about how limited modding is compared to MVP. Seems to me that all it is are rosters and Uni's. No true gameplay mods.

    So should I take the plunge? is the gameplay better than MVP? or should I wait for 2k11 with you guys?
  2. Kayxero added a post in a topic: 2010 Uniforms In One Swoop... Pc Version   

    "Blah blah blah attorney at law....no habla espanol"

    lmao I love Arrested Development. Cant wait for the movie.
  3. Kayxero added a post in a topic: 2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus   

    double post
  4. Kayxero added a post in a topic: 2K10 to MVP Rosters Plus   

    Yo hi heat. I just wanna know what I should have installed for this mod/patch to work smoothly and without error. I am about to do a clean install of MVP 08 and grab the latest Homer faces. Whatelse should I grab? Any other face packs or stuff I need to avoid crash? Anything I should not install with this roster?
  5. Kayxero added a post in a topic: New Community Mvp 2010 Project   

    Look. I am thinking of spearheading this now, if noone minds. It is summer, the job market sucks where I live. And I am currently at home alot helping out relatives and stuff and aching for the semester to be here in late august.

    So I have tons of spare time.

    This is my idea. I want to make a collective effort of an MVP 2010. Basically the main things (in order of importance) are rosters, then ratings, then stats. Faces and portraits would come next. And stadiums last imo, as really I think they are not that big of a deal and always seemed to be pretty hard.

    How I want to do this is a team of say 15 guys to take 2 teams each and compile a 25 man MLB roster. I know I wont get this many dudes but whoever can join to help is greatly loved by me for it hhaha ( oh and minors just add more time and such so its not a focus really) Later I would contact people I know with the show 2010 or do online searches to obtain the up to date ratings they have. Either that or using the ratings frpm a mlb2k10 roster. Hopefully we get guys to do their fave team as they'd be more inclined accurately set stances and such as well.

    Now the kind of guys im looking for are guys like me. You love mvp and are willing to sit and learn modding and sit and research stats. If you love the game so much, sit and spend an hour or two a day helping out. Lets see what we can get together. Reply here and let me know. And dont do this just to bank on donations cus it aint happening. I was thinking when all is said and done we'd have a nice big Rar file with instructions for people.

    Heres to hoping.
  6. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Rip Les Paul   

    Let us remember him for the great musician he was too. Not just the Gibson guitars he helped pioneer.
  7. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Rip Les Paul   

    R.I.P. LP
  8. Kayxero added a post in a topic: No Disk..   

    I think the fact that your disk broke, is a sign from above?

    We know what that sign is...

    jk lol
  9. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Going Through A Tough Break Up   

    Hey guys. I just lost my friend of ten months. Best friend of seven months. And girlfriend of four months. I love this girl so much and it ending is ripping me up. I can barely function or pay attention in class right now. And I even have had to step out a couple times because like a baby I had to cry about it. So id leave so noone would see it.

    I posted my story on a relationship forum under the tag Kaylan. If anyone could take out 10 to 15 minutes to read my posts, I could use some help. I am just trying to get as many viewpoints as possible and get on the right road of what to do. I know I write a lot in those posts, so skim if need be.


    Thank you

    Btw I remember there being like a girlfriend advice thread or something like that a while ago that i swear I saw here, but I cannot find it. I know this is a baseball site but I figure why not get as much input as I can get so I can figure out what to do and how to manage this situation. Plus I have barely gotten replies on the other site and im active on this forum.
  10. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 5-10   

    I have only been there to visit a buddy who goes to the university. There is not crap to do off campus in that city. The mall is lame and the downtown is a drag. Luckily when I have visited there has been a party on campus. However I was thoroughly bored when I looked for things to do in the day time in that city.
  11. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Pitchmen Billy Mays Dead At 50   

    werd, too soon
  12. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Remove Info Bar For Mvp 08 Default Overlay   

  13. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Remove Info Bar For Mvp 08 Default Overlay   

    K. Will do. Could you also tell me how this is done, so I will know for the future.
  14. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Nfl Qb Steve Mcnair Shot And Killed At His House   

    Yikes. Hmm psycho lovers are kinda scary. So I say monogamy ftw.

    Poor Steve though. Not fair. And I hope the CSI's investigate as much as possible to make sure no one else was involved. I mean I know they say it looks like murder suicide, but I would hate for someone to have just staged this kind of crap.

    R.I.P. Air McNair
  15. Kayxero added a post in a topic: Remove Info Bar For Mvp 08 Default Overlay   

    So yeah the title says it all. I need to remove the bottom bar because I use the default MVP 05 4-center view and it blocks the plate. So I find it hard to distinguish what is over the plate. Plus I only really need the speed table part of the overlay. If I need to know pitching or hitting stats I can always hit my shoulder button.

    I tried a search and came up with nothing. Maybe I worded the search wrong. But any help would be great. Thanks.