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  1. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-7

    I have only been there to visit a buddy who goes to the university. There is not crap to do off campus in that city. The mall is lame and the downtown is a drag. Luckily when I have visited there has been a party on campus. However I was thoroughly bored when I looked for things to do in the day time in that city.
  2. Mvpmods Subscriptions

    I just cant believe how the tune is changed once this site needs to be paid for. Everyone jumped down spungos throat and it was the same deal. Economy sucks and he needed cash. Just like Trues. Good thing Kraw came to his defense as did a few others. But this completely different reaction from the community is beyond me, when essentially both were the same thing. I dont care if one was pay per mod and ones per for the site. You are paying for mods in the end regardless. *sigh* Hope both Spungo and Trues get the donations they need to get through these tough times.
  3. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    What about my Problem.....like i said its not a stadium issue=P
  4. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    Hey im having a problem with MVP crashing ever since i got the UR 8.6.1 rosters...I had kg before with no problems and now it crashes to desktop with any team i try to load a game with...i tried using all of the Big schoomz models .big and it did nothing to help...and i also checked to see if it was the stadiums or unis and reverted to old ones... and it isnt that...so its def the rosters....anyone have a remedy for this...kus i wanna get back to my dynasty soon ...thanx