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  1. Yeah, I be's the straw that stirs the drink. In fact, I'll stir everybody's drink! First round is on me! Please note the "no curfew clause" in my contract. It's found somewhere between "the party of the first part" and "the party of the second part." But I don't take blame for that second party. I swear, most of the parts I saw were female! Then, everything went black...
  2. Damn, I am who I be! (self-centered superstar speak) But seriously, I can't wait to show the wife! This may not only mean "relations," but she might do that thing that she does only on my birthday, or when she gets all liquored up! I like our ballclub! "So far away and so long ago; but our dream lives on forever."--Todd Rundgren
  3. Hey, I want one a dem! Somebody call my d@$%# agent!
  4. How much are you guys getting paid for your interviews? When someones comes to talk to me, I send them to my "interpreter" Bertram, who collects a donation for the Willie Fund. Yes, I have an interpreter. I was born practically in the cotton filelds of Marvel, Arkansas, then my parents moved the family to the West Side of Chicago. Drafted out of high school, fast tracked to the Show; I ain't had no time figure out half the things y'all be talking about. So I have an interpreter to translate from the way y'all talk to the way I talk. Hey, but I do understands that money, though. And the Willie Fund? All that money goes to a good cause. It goes to Willie.
  5. It always amazes me how quickly we can be snapped from our world of dreams, hopes and fantasy by real life--or death. I will pray for your family. That's tough on kids.
  6. Glad to do it. This is already a lot of fun! I am also one of those clubhouse guys that is not afraid to get on someone else on the ballclub that is not producing. Now, when it comes to my own possible lack or production, i will send you to consult with my personal psychic, because it's all in the Cosmos. He'll read a few jelly beans and tell you what's going on. (Disclaimer: In the above content, my intent was not to insult psychics or believers of the Cosmos. If i did, i apologize.)
  7. Great work, Jay! It looks like your patience is being rewarded. Just remember, per my contract, when I am in a slump, i must have a crate of Maine lobster flown in, on dry ice. Plus, I get all Jewish and Muslim high holidays off. I'm not either, but my belief is that if anybody is getting a day off, I want one, too.....There I go slipping into character again. I can't help it! This project is bringing out the pampered superstar buried within me. (Disclaimer: Certain content in this post was not intented to offend anyone of the Jewish or Muslim faith. If I did, I apologize. I love all people.)
  8. Cool, Jay. I believe the priority should be for site members. When I saw the signup dry up, I looked for a shortcut to get to the actual playing. I thought for sure you would have a waiting list after you filled the 25-man roster. I guess with the NFL in full swing, the NHL well on its way and the NBA ready to tip off, and add to that real life involvements, our members site time has to be curtailed. I, myself, am in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series with the Show; in the first round of the 2012-2013 NBA Playoffs with NBA 2k13 and in Week Six of the 2013 NFL season with Madden 12. And I plan to play along with the new 2013-2014 NBA rosters in a new Association during the winter after I crown an NBA champion. I am a member of other forums that support these games. But I am one that is blessed to be self-employed, and when I work, it is usually at night (though my next gig is an Alumini Breakfast Saturday that starts at 9:00am--oh my!), so I probably have more time than most. Before 1992, when I was an accountant, and after that when the kids were home, I could barely get in a baseball season in a calendar year, let alone any other sports. But now I'm rambling....sorry. I'm with you. I will hope for more sgnups from the board.
  9. Hey, Jay, just a suggestion: in trying to fill out the final roster spots, would you consider doing so by signing fringe guys from The Show 13's free agent list? I personally would love to be on a team with some real MLBers. It would probably add a fantasy camp-like feel to the project, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Think of the challenge of filling out key bullpen roles with players that were cast aside by other teams and grinding out a pennant race with them. For example, two closers on the free agent that I remember were Jose Valverde and Francisco Rodriguez. I would love to see my player model shake the hand of either one of them after they wrap up a save. Another notable free agent that could be a fourth outfielder, pinch hitter/runner is Scott Podsednik. The Tigers signed him in my 2013 season to fill in when they had injuries to Torii Hunter, Victor Martinez and Austin Jackson. Podsednik not only filled in great, but won the everyday left field job (over Dirks) when everyone got healthy and supplanted Jackson as the leadoff hitter. He was one of the main reasons that the Tigers finished with my MLB 2013's best record. Again, just a suggestion. Anyone, feel free weigh in on this, whether you agree with me or not. I would love to read your opinions, but we don't have to spend much thread space on it.
  10. Seeing Coco with that afro reminded me of the days of Jose Cardenal when he played for the Chicago Cubs. He was the reason my older sister started watching games with us. Every time he would make a running catch or leg out an extra base hit that would cause his cap or helmet to fly off, showing his afro in full bloom, she would let go the most piercing scream and scare the hell out of all of us untll we just got used to her doing it. "Little Jose" could do no wrong in the eyes of Cubs voice Jack Brickhouse or my sister.
  11. Yes, players really had style in those days. And they worked to distinguish themselves from each other with not only batting stances and pitching motions, but with the way they wore their stirrups. Or the way the batting gloves fit in the back pockets. Or how large a wad of whatever would fit in their cheeks. And don't forget the afros, my brutha! Even some white guys jumped on this (Don Sutton and Andy Messersmith, to name two). Having a team look like a horde of Norse Vikings may constitute style today, but give me the seventies and the eighties anyday. Remember the fervor over George Hendrick wearing his pants all the way down to his shoes, thus abandoning the traditional stirrups? Years ago, I read a book that was suggested on this website in the Baseball Books section about the the style of the seventies. That was a great read and recommend it to those who are uninformed about the most creative period of our game. Do a search, as I don't remember the exact title, but I found it in my local library.
  12. The only reason I remember Pie Traynor is because in 1971 Pirate 3B Richie Hebner was forced to give up #20 when they retired it in Traynor's honor. Hebner then wore # 3. I was 10 years old when this happened and I still remmbered this! Why doesnt my memory work like this when I am trying to locate my car keys?
  13. Correction. Baseball Reference, Teams, click on Pittsburgh Pirates. I just did it, and the Pirates have retired more numbers than I realized: 1,4,8,9,11,20,21,33,40 and of course, 42. Clicking the number will identify the player.
  14. Yes, Stargell wore #8. I also believe #20 is retired--Pie Traynor. These are off the top of my head. Jay, if you go to Baseball Reference, Franchises section, I believe the first thing you will see for every franchise is the retired numbers, encircled in the uniform colors of the period the player performed. By the way, I love my player model! I'm going to show it to the wife in hopes that it will lead to some serious "relations."
  15. Number 31 is fine, Jay. Two of my other favorite players wore #31--Ferguson Jenkins and Greg Maddux--retired for both by the Cubs.