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  1. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: Normal 2011 Uni's   

    I'm just looking for regular 2011 uniforms. All of the ones I've downloaded and tried were retro :facepalm:
  2. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: What To Use To Edit Uniforms?   

    I would like to attempt to edit uniforms and I've looked everywhere and I could only find a program called IFF Editor. I have the .net framework crap installed, I've decompressed the uni I want to edit and then load it after wards but the program just crashes on me, and also it looks like some chinese person made this program and I don't know what else there is to use, if there is anything.
  3. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: Black Square Box when Pitching   

    I just re-installed mvp baseball 05 plus the mlb 07 mod and the patch 2 for mlb 07. First the game wasn't starting, just a command prompt would come up and nothing happened, then I seen the mvp2005.exe was just a command prompt as the icon, not the normal icon, so I put cd 2 in, it still didnt load, so I copied the exe from the cd to my install location, that worked, I tried a regular game, and when I go to pitch or throw the ball, I get a black square box(see picture) and I also get no commentary, but I can hear like the ump calls and everything.

  4. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: Question about my 07 Install   

    When I installed the MLB 07 Mod a while back, I chose a different folder to install it in, and I didnt install it to C:Program FilesEA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005, I installed it to C:Program FilesMVP 07, and now I have to folders of mvp baseball, the 07 one is 1.64 GB and the 2005 one is 1.45 GB. So can I uninstall the mvp baseball 2005 one since I wont be using that, cause I'm only gonna be using the mlb 07.
  5. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: Mvp 2007   

    First of all I just want to start off by saying that this is really one great mod put together..everything looks and just feels so nice!..and now comes the problem, okay so I played a few games before using the mets at home(shea) no problems, so then I go to do a game with boston at home(fenway) I was playing the orioles, after about 2 minutes into the game I get a message saying mvp2005.exe has encountered an error so I just hit ok and it quit the that a known problem? or whats happening with that
  6. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: MVP 07 Upgrade   

    I know this isnt a big deal, but some of the text in the readme file doesnt sound right, and maybe someone can fix it..

    " It will ask for CD1 the CD2 " - I think your meaning to say Then

    " after it gets the needed files from the CDs in will begine to install the 07 mod. " - replace in with it, replace begine with begin

    " Sit make this may take a bit. Once done play the game or use the included 07maker to starts a dynasty in the 2007 season. " - in the beginning of this put the word this after sit, it makes more sense..and remove the word make.

    Thats it really, sorry if I'm being a jerk, I'm not trying to be..but it was just something I noticed. See ya
  7. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: kgbaseball's Roster Overhaul Beta 2.0 (Standard)   

    yea i installed the glove mod and now it looks fine again, but I'm thinking about installing the Facial Hair part that was included in the roster update but it says Install using Krawhitham’s Install Thingy into your models.big. and I use kccitystar's uniforms do I have to install kramwhitham's uniforms thing? or what
  8. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: kgbaseball's Roster Overhaul Beta 2.0 (Standard)   

    Okay, I installed kgbaseball's Roster Overhaul Beta 2.0 (Standard) and all I did was copy the .dat files to where they had to go, I didnt install the Facial Hair or Uniforms cause I didn't really care for that right now, I just wanna play the game..and when I'm playing I notice the first baseman's glove has all weird colors(see screenshots) and I've played more than 2 games and it happens with just the 1st Baseman's glove..

  9. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: cant apply overlay   

    i'm trying to apply the mlb on fox overlay using MVP Baseball 2005 Overlay Swapper 1.1 and when i click apply selected overlay it says Run-time error '76': Path not found, when the overlay is in the folder...
  10. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: Overlay: STO(SportsTime Ohio)   

    Can anyone do the STO - SportsTime Ohio overlay? indians use this...
  11. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: I wanna make a mod but I dunno how to go about it   

    I know this is prolly gonna sound stupid but its just a little something I think makes my dynasty more fun for me. Anyway I wanna make a notepad mod and place it on the bench, just for show cause I'm a met fan and carlos delgado is always writing in it and stuff and I just thought it would be cool..but if I was to make it, is there room in an existing file I can put it into thats dugout related?
  12. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: MVP Crashing to desktop all of a sudden   

    I'm keeping track of my status as I install new mods. I recently installed 2006 Schedule mod, Spitoons official ball mod and Spitoons bats mod and still currently working fine. :)
  13. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: MVP Crashing to desktop all of a sudden   

    No it was fine before it started crashing cause all I had installed was Total MLB v 1.08, an official ball mod(not trues one, an older one I cant remember the name), spittoons bat mod and thats it..but I have good news, I uninstalled mvp baseball 2005, deleted the folder in My Documents, deleted the folder remains in program files, I re-installed it, went fine..applied official patch #5, installed Total MLB v 1.08, installed Ultimate Roster v 6.31 Standard Edition(I copied the .dat files into the right folder, not the one with the .sav file in my documents this time) and it starts up and plays fine.
  14. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: MVP Crashing to desktop all of a sudden   

    no the only file i have is datafile.big located in C:Program FilesEA SPORTSMVP Baseball 2005datadatafile
  15. SolidWing68 added a post in a topic: How To Get Your Own High Res Snapshots...   

    wow, nice "exploit" I guess you can'd you find it anyhow

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