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General Manager Sim for HH2k2 7.6

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About This File

Credit for this upload goes to the original author found either in the title or in the notes below (if available). I am just making it available for

the MVP Mods community.


General description:

The trade program part offer up to 3 players trades on ML and AAA levels.

1- Open you season file by locating the *.sea file.
2- Choose your team.
-It will show a list of your players with their Historical stats.
-To see their actual stats season, hit Actual once a team have been choose.
-The players in the small trade list are the one the team is ready to let go.
3- You can place players in the trade list by dragging them, by clicking on the Level and holding. And vice-versa if you want to remove them.
4- From here you got 2 choices:

A- Choose another team in the list below by clicking on the combo list, and see what players they got to offer. You can also drag players from their list if you want to offer for different players. PROPOSE a trade to the computer by hitting Propose trade button.

B- Sim days of trading. This initiate the trades between the computer teams. It also initiate the trades offers made from the computer to you , the player. It will sim the number of days you have play in your game before opening the program. The default value is one day.

5- Save your file for the change to take effect.

6- Once in HH, verify your lineups if a trade have been made with your team. The trade program place players in your Inactive list.

7- After you have accept an offer from another team, you will be inform on how many days still left to sim. You can place new player in your trading list then and sim the remaining days.

The Free Agent program part offer to negotiate your players and make 9 rounds of FA draft.

1-Start (Create) a new season, but do not sim or play any game. For the FA to work your days must be zero;

2-Go into free agent/negotiate. The computer decrease of one year the contracts and place all players that are free in your team list.

3-Make a proposition to a player. You have only one shot at this.
A-put the number of years you want in the small edit box.
B-click once on the player, in the list to choose him.
C-Click on the proposition button and see what the player say in the players answer.

4-To just free a player, choose him in the list and click on No Offer.

5-Once all the players are gone in your list, click free agent draft.

6-Click on start round (Up to 9). Wait for your turn, then click on the players list to choose a player and accept this button. You will see if the players accept or not. If not you loose your turn (And so does computer teams, by the way).


- Dubeau/Andre Tremblay

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