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For those that have Microsoft Access 2000 or above, I have created a database that can make a 56 game schedule based on the standings from the year. I have to fine tune some things. The only table you would need to change the data is in the standings table. Keep in mind the standings table ID number is in text (the ID number is a number assigned to each mlb team 1-30). 1-5 AL east , 6-10 AL Central, 11-14 AL West, 15-19 NL East, 20- 25 NL Central, 26-30 NL West). Enter the team names in the Teams column in order from 1-30 (1 being the AL East division winner, 30 being the NL West last place team following the order above). Once this is done, go into the query section and click on the Final Schedule Query. Export the query results as an XLS file. Open up Excel and save the file as a CSV. Then open the comma separated file (CSV) in a text editor and fine tune the format to match any MLB162_1.dat file. Once done, save the file as MLB162_1.dat. Take this file and make duplicate files called MLB162_2.dat and MLB162_3.dat. Use EAGraph to import these files into schedule.big. Copy schedule.big into your data/database folder. Create a season. I will do this process every year so the schedule changes based on how the standings were. I will send updates when I get time to fine tune the process. An update: I am fixing the schedule to make it as similar to real baseball as I can. Each team will have interleague games falling between 04-14-07 and 04-20-07 for either home or away and then between 05-19-07 and 05-25-07 for either home or away. If one team plays home during one week, they will play away the next. I will also have each team have 6 days off out of a 56 game schedule. The majors have 20 games off out of 162 game schedule, which is roughly 12%. 56 x 12% = 6.7. Needless to say you can't have 7/10 of a day off so I just took the decimal. I am also trying to split the in division games to fall both before and after the all star break 05-14-07. If a team is home before, they will be away after. I also will have no games scheduled two days before and two days after the all star break which does not count against the 6 days off.

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