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Oakland Coliseum

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Oakland Coliseum v1.0

by sprdelfin

Removed the retired jersey number logos that aren't there anymore from the outfield walls and retextured the one that is.

Added names to the retired jersey numbers on the tarp on the upper deck. (You'll probably have to actively look for them in replay mode to see them, but trust me, they are there.)

Accurate Wells Fargo logos added to dugouts, and Gatorade logo added to coolers.

Ads redone on the two scoreboards.

Replaced creepy bobblehead guy with unused 2k scoreboard image.

Ads in the inner bowl and behind the plate updated.

Manual Scoreboard has scores (They're all National League because of mirroring and to lessen the likelihood of a team both having a score on the scoreboard and being in the game you are playing, thus playing two games at once.)

Bill King memorial "Holy Toledo!" ad board added (it's in the wrong place, but it's there.)

Notes/Known Issues:

Scoreboard ads aren't 100% correct.

I couldn't get a John Muir Health ad for the top of the manual scoreboard that looked decent, so I left the default 2k A's logos.

In the end, the Oakland Coliseum is still the Oakland Coliseum.


1.) BACK UP the file you are replacing. This update probably won't make your computer explode, but if it does you will wish you had the default file backed up.

2.) Extract stadium_oaa.iff to C:\Program Files\2K Sports\MLB 2K9, or your MLB 2k9 directory.

3.) Huge success.

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