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2K9 NL-East Caps Set v1.2

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NL-East Caps Set by Umachines 1.2


Hi!. This is my V1.2 NL-EAST set of baseball caps for MLB 2K9 Baseball, PC version.

Here you'll find current season caps only, main, alternate and batting practice

versions. You can replace the old version files folder of this set with no

problems, since there are no changes in the newer files names.

You'll need the 2K9 IFF Editor to add these caps to your uniforms. Also your

uniform files must be already uncompressed, in order to open them with that

program. And I also assume you know how to drag and drop files/objects from a

window to another one in MS Windows XP or later. Never forget to backup your files

before attempting to modify or replace them. I'm not responsable for, you know...

This is how it works:

Every cap has two files, a common bitmap picture and a DirectX 3D texture. Both

files, plus the 3D cap object in the game, join to form the cap. What we have

to do is using IFF 2K9 Editor to replace the bitmap and green (dds) texture.

Inside the RAR file, there is one folder per team of the divisional set. Go to

the folder of the team you want to update and see there are several files, some

of them are common bmp's and some others are dds files. All dds files finish in

a low number and a "0", like 10, 20 or 30. All the bmp files finish in a low number

that comes after those decens (tens), like 11, 12, 21, 31, etc. I name them that

way to keep the ones related together. To be sure of that, order your files by name

in that folder. The dds file that finishes in 10 is designed to work with the bmp

files that finish in near superior numbers, like 11, 12 or 13. And so, the dds

file that finishes in 20 works with the bmp's that finish in 21, 22, etc.

For example, let's say you want to update Atlanta Braves Caps. I chose this

example 'cause there are two bmp files related to one dds file:

- Uncompress the RAR file content in any folder, and remember the folder path for

next steps.

- Open "uniform_atb_home.iff" in the game folder with IFF 2k9 Editor. This is the

Braves main home uniform.

- Go to Sequence 04. This is commonly the dds cap 3D texture

- In Windows File Explorer, go to ".../UM-2K9Caps-NL-East/Braves" folder and find

"BravesCap10.dds". This is my version of Atlanta main cap texture.

- Drag that file from the folder to the IFF 2K9 Editor window and drop it on

the old texture picture itself. The green texture is already replaced. No need to


- Now, go to Sequence 08, that's usually the bitmap cap picture. Then look for

"BravesCap11.bmp" in team's folder and repeat the replacing step, dragging and

dropping the file the same way. You have now replaced the cap picture too.

- Go to the game and test your new baseball cap.

Notice all my xxx10.dds and xxx11.bmp files will belong to team's main cap, home

version, at least. If there is any other bitmap that matches the same dds file, then

it will be 12, or 13, etc. If there is another cap model, with a different logo, or some

other non-color related difference, then the files will be xxx20.dds and xxx21.bmp, and

xxx30.dds and xxx31.bmp. All the teams in this set have at least two cap models.

In the case of The Atlanta Braves, there is another cap that matches the BravesCap10.dds

file layout. This is the navy blue road cap. So, use BravesCap10.dds and BravesCap12.bmp

to replace that cap. There are other two models of caps, the tomahawk logo alternates

and the BP cap. Use BravesCap20.dds and BravesCap30.dds with their related bmp's to

replace those caps the same way you did with the first example.It happens more or less the

same way with the other teams of the division, but there are different dds' or bmp's,

according to the variety of caps that each team wears.

Feel free to use these caps the way you want. In case you want to use them in any personal

or public uniform mod, easier to install, you're also free to include them, and I'd be

proud of that. The same for any other cap set I've done for MLB 2k9. Just don't forget to

mention me in the credits :p . I want to extend this permission to all those in the modding

comunity interested in using my caps, no matter to what server/site you prefer to upload

your uniforms. Just have in mind that I suppouse your project is legal, since I don't

condone piracy, and I charge no money for making these caps. But remember I only upload

these source files to MVPmods site. Also feel free to let me know about any detail I forgot, or

if I'm not using proper colors, logos, etc. You can contact me at MVPmods forums.

Notice some logos are harder to work, because of the game's bitmap importing problems. You can

see that if you compare the clean BMP's to the imported versions. The same happens to the caps

color/pattern combinations. Commonly, I have to test several times until I find a pattern that

keeps more or less clean after importing it to the game. Even so, I always try to find different

colors for each team's caps, avoiding the copy-paste proceddure in this aspect as much as possible.

Another important detail is that hats colors change a lot, depending on your video card or your

monitor brightness. They even change a lot when you play in different light envioments: DAY,

NIGHT, AFTERNOON or DOMED. So, the same cap can look great in day conditions and too dark at

night games. I'm always looking for a "universal" color to every single cap, some tone that makes it

look good in all light conditions. But this is very hard with some colors, mainly with the navy ones.

I had some problems this time with Atlanta alternate tomahawk logo and with Washington Nationals

"W" logo. I tried very hard with these ones, but the final imported pictures will not be as clear as

I wanted. There is some sort of bonus cap for Florida Marlins in this set. I made a custum black cap

with teal visor and featuring "M" fish logo. I guessed the two black ones are a bit boring.

Now, in v1.2, I guess I found some sort of solution for Nationals "W" logo caps. What I did was making

the borders very much thicker. In fact, the logo borders are not as accurate as I wanted, but It looks

much cleaner when it's imported to the uniform file. It's very hard working with thin curbed bordes in

2k9 bitmaps, like the ones of that logo.

I've jumped from v1.0 to v1.2 'cause there are more changes than the ones I added to my first

set review, and I'll eventually have to do the same to AL-East set too. Most of the changes have

been added to make main caps look more like 5950 New Era collection. I've also added other details

learned on the way while making my later 1.0 sets. Here you have a short list of the most important


All teams:

- BP caps now feature elastic bands at the sides, the way I started making them with AL-Central

set, to look more like 3930 New Era BP caps.

- Black undervisor for all official and alterante caps, like in New Era 5950 series.

- MLB logo is placed a bit higher and looks more like the one on real caps.

- All seam lines are now slightly lighter than the background color, instead darker.


- Some few changes in all caps color/pattern


- Only common changes


- Some few changes in blue caps color/pattern


- Blue/red border of "W" logo much thicker than the real one, to get a cleaner imported version

- Some few changes in blue caps color/pattern


- Some few changes in logo shape, size and position.

Thanks to: MVP Mods comunity for being so patient with me these years, MVP Mods crew

for hosting my files and to you for downloading my mod and giving it a try. I guess you

are also downloading it from www.mvpmods.com too ;P

Umachines - 20090506 (initial release)

V1.2: 20090516

What's New in Version 05/16/09 11:30 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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