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MVP NCAA 06 Bases Loaded datafile

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MVP NCAA 06 Bases Loaded datafile



Version 2.0


Update includes:

-Slowed down the ball speed off the bat. Results in slightly better hit trajectory, and just looks better.

-Made the pitch meter more difficult by shrinking the accuracy width and perfect area width, increasing the line speed, lowering the bad accuracy, and lowering the control affect.

-Reduced the power of throws by the OF, so that players can score from 2nd on a single more realistically.

-Lowered the launch angle of the normal and contact swings, to reduce the number of line drive outs at infielders.

-Reduced the movement of certain pitches, to a more realistic level.

-Made hitter power more realistic by boosting pull power and hot zone power.

-Raised the side spin on the ball so hits down the line will now hook and slice.

-Lowered the top spin on the ball so that grounders roll more realistically.

-Slowed down the speed of pick off attempts by the pitcher, strictly a cosmetic thing.

-Raised the steal aggression for CPU runners with good speed.

-Overhauled the replays from the pause menu, by increasing the frame of view and having the camera follow the ball shadow rather than the ball. Now there is no hitch in the camera when the ball leaves the pitcher's hand. Also, you can see the fielders and the field on fly balls, instead of just the ball in the sky.

-Increased the frame of view on the "Broadcast" and "Ariel" fielding cameras.


Version 1.0


I used kado456's datafile as a starting point. It contained:

-Jack319's "Batting View 5" mod of Elpanatibu's "High Heat Batting View".

-True's Foul ball Replay Off code.

I then added:

-A new behind the pitcher view similar to Bases Loaded. The camera is up above the right shoulder, with the pitching rubber near the bottom lower left and home plate slightly off center to the right. The angle is similar to the old school game Bases Loaded, which I believe was the first game to have a behind the pitcher view. This camera was not tested on a 4:3 ratio screen, so it may not be suitable for anything but widescreen 16:9.

-Audio modifications. Basically I turned off all music and stadium sounds, and then turned down the oohs and ahhs from the crowd. I also turned off the heckles, and reduced the play by play.

-Greater delay between pitches by the computer. The delay is shorter than the one in the datafile by daflyboys, which was too long for my taste.




To install extract the datafile.txt file to your "data" folder.


Final Notes


Credit and thanks to: kado456, Trues, Jack319, Elpanatibu, daflyboys, RRodkey, and snepp.

What's New in Version 10/02/09 12:10 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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