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All-time Combo Portrait File for Total Classics

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About This File

This is a combo portrait file that can be used with most Total Classics releases. The numbering convention exactly matches the id's used in my "Legends from the Booth" project, which means this file is completely compatible with Total Classics Phase 10 and the original MVP 05 roster, and mostly compatible with other Total Classics releases. The big feature in this file are the portraits from the Microsoft Baseball Encyclopedia from 1994/95. I was surprised that nobody had used this resource to get pictures from before as it's got a lot of really nice, high resolution photos of players from the 70's - 90's. For the 1930-50's, still pictures were taken from the When It Was a Game color movies. Also included is the portrait file from Tony LaRussa Baseball. Users of the 1998 conversion mod will find many photos they can use here. Check the screen shot for examples of the portraits included.

Since this file is not 100% perfect for any mod, for many of you, the best way to use this file would be simply as a file archive to extract from into your own mods. The .BIG file format does a really good job of compressing files so there was really no advantage in zipping it up as a .RAR file. By having this file in .BIG format, there are a couple of advantages:

1) You can preview the pictures using EAGRAPH without extracting them

2) You can use it directly in the game if you choose to by copying the file to \Program Files\EA Sports\MVP Baseball 2005\data\frontend

I built this file because I got sick of eating up hard drive space and wanted to have a basic MVP setup where all I would have to do is switch out rosters.

To check compatibility with different total conversion mods, check the listing below.

Rated on a scale of 1-5, this is how compatible this combo file is with these mods:

5 - Very compatible

4 - Mostly compatible

3 - Compatible

2 - It works

1 - Probably shouldn't try it

Original MVP '05 - 5

Total Classics Phase 10 - 5

Total Classics 1927 - 5

Total Classics 1946,1951,1956,1961,1964,1967,1969,1978 - 4

MVP - '06 - 3

MVP '98 - 1

This file is an extension of the mega portrait file I had originally created for Oldtime Baseball more than 10 years ago. Many of those pictures were reused in this file from my own collection.

Hope you guys enjoy these portraits as much as I had enjoyed putting them together. Thanks to the Total Classics team for the awesome card pictures which make up much of the pictures for the 1960's players. My friend PortraitMatt is responsible for the great colorized pictures from the early years of baseball.



Portrait indexes have been modified to be in synch with the Legends from the Booth mod


I've included/replaced portraits with those from Triple Play '99. These are high resolution pictures that are much cleaner than the High Heat pictures from the same era. I've replaced my crappy Jason Giambi/Manny Ramirez pictures with much nicer Triple Play pictures. It's actually the same pictures but way better resolution from Triple Play. These pictures also work great with the 1998 mod. Enjoy.

Coming up next: rescan of my some of my card collection to replace the 256 color pictures I used with Oldtime Baseball. Some pictures actually turned out better when reduced to 256-color but others did not so I will redo those.

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