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Some players for the 2011 Chicago White Sox.

.wav files are included.

Recommend using TiT to install, but first extract each .rar file somewhere, such as your desktop, and then use TiT to install each one. If you are using a roster other than KG'S 7.1, you should check the photo ID numbers to verify they match what is in your roster. I suggest backing up the four files that get modified:

/data/audio/cd/spch_pbp/pnamedat.big (acd .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pbp/pnamehdr.big (acd .hdr files)

/data/audio/cd/spch_pa/pnamedat.big (PA .dat files)

/data/audio/spch_pa/pnamehdr.big (PA .hdr files)

01 Beckham Gordon-6311------acdp

02 Carter Anthony-6350---------acdp

03 Chavez Ozzie-8269-----------p

04 Cofield Kyle-9426-------------acdp

05 Crain Jesse-2600-------------a

06 Danks John-2769-------------acd

07 Danks Jordan-6307----------acdp

08 De Aza Alejandro-7964-----acdp

09 Dolsi Freddy-6578------------acdp

10 Escobar Eduardo-5103------acdp

11 Flowers Tyler-9422-----------acdp

12 Floyd Gavin-2264-------------acd

13 Gallagher Jim-6332-----------acdp

14 Gartrell Stefan-5104----------acdp

15 Harrell Lucas-6398------------acdp

16 Hernandez Gaby-8314------cp

17 Humber Philip-8316----------acdp

18 Hynick Brandon-7806-------acdp

19 Infante Gregory-6133------acdp

20 Kinney Josh-2924------------acd

21 Lillibridge Brent-8565---------a rev (cdp)

22 Lucy Donny-6316------------acdp

23 Marquez Jeffrey-6835-------p

24 McPherson Dallas-2364-----acd

25 Milledge Lastings-2996------acd

26 Morel Brent-6367------------acdp

27 Nunez Jhonny-8982---------acdp

28 Ohman Will-1434-------------a rev (cd)

29 Pena Tony-7413--------------p

30 Quentin Carlos-3073---------a rev (cd)

31 Ramirez Alexei-5105---------cp

32 Socolovich Miguel-6359-----acdp

33 Teahen Mark-3174----------acd

34 Thornton Matt-2577---------a

35 Viciedo Dayan-6305---------acdp

36 Whisler Wes-6330-----------acdp

a= Krukow Last Name announcement

c= Kuiper Full Name announcement

d= Kuiper Last Name announcement

p= PA Full Name announcement

I apologize if I've duplicated work done by others.

Have Fun! jaycee20

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